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Title Pink Lipstick garners a record 23.6% of all viewers
Upate 2010-07-23 18:07

Pink Lipstick garners a record 23.6% of all viewers

July 1, 2010 10:43 AM

Airtime: MBC [Mon-Fri] 7:50 AM

- AGB ratings show that “Pink Lipstick” garnered 23.6% of all viewers in the metropolitan area
MBC TV miniseries “Pink Lipstick” (Screenwriter: Seo Hyun-joo, Director: Choi Chang-wook) reached a penetrated ratio of 23.6% of all viewers, which is a record for the show.
Viewership penetration ratio for the episode of “Pink Lipstick” that aired on June 30th hit 23.6% (Share of audience: 44.7%, AGB Nielsen Media Research, Metropolitan area), a record high for the show.
In episode 122, Jae-beom (actor Park Gwang-hyun) saves Ga-eun (actress Park Eun-hye) when she is caught in a dangerous situation after sneaking into a warehouse to uncover Jung-woo’s (actor Lee Joo-hyun) secret. After meeting Ga-eun’s mom, Jae-beom understands what Ga-eun is going through in her life.
One fan of “Pink Lipstick” wrote in the show’s message board that she “can’t wait to see the next episodes because of the suspenseful drama.” Another fan said, “You really get to know the characters and the show is addictive.”
In upcoming episodes of “Pink Lipstick,” Ga-eun will finally put her plan for revenge into action to bring Jung-woo and Mi-ran down. Ga-eun has to also choose between her two suitors, Jae-beom and Ho-geol.