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The King of Mask Singer

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The King of Mask Singer
The Real Battle is about to Begin!

“Leave your fame at the door.”
People listen more avidly to songs that are sung by their favorite singers. and this is why a good catchy song become more hit when sung by a star singer. But what if you could judge singers based on their vocal skills and not their image by masking their identities?

Creating a stage where fame is checked at the door so that each singer can be judged purely by their vocal talent. And the underlying premise of “The King of Mask Singer” will satisfy the “real” factor that TV viewers yearn for.

Eight celebrity contestants wearing a mask engage in a song battle and 100 live studio audiences will vote for the winner. Each losers in the individual match-ups will be asked to take off their mask, and reveal themselves.
The show will follow a tournament format and the winner will get to keep their mask on throughout the show.
Who will be crowned the King of Mask singer at the end?

1. The losers must take off their mask!
2. Unexpected surprising faces revealed after every match!
3. Sing in a different voice! The tantalizing guessing game between the mask singers and live audiences!
4. Revealing the singer behind the voice! compelling attraction to the viewers!