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썸네일 이미지
  • Director Kim Chil-bong
  • Writer Jung Ahn, Oh Hye-seok
  • Starring

    Kim Myung-soo, Choi Jin-hyuk, Yeonwoo

  • Category Drama
  • Year 2023
  • Episode
  • Running Time
  • Genre
  • Homepage https://program.imbc.com/NUMBERS

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This is a story about Jang Ho-woo, an accountant, that denounces the irregularities of a large accounting firm and brings it to justice.

썸네일 이미지
Jang Ho-woo - Starring Kim Myung-soo
Deal advisory associate(entry level) at Taeil Accounting firm, high school graduate accountant

Ho-woo is the first and only high school graduate accountant at Taeil, the top accounting firm of Korea’s Big 4.
He has astounding memory and observation. Not only is he good with numbers as are required of all accountants, but also outstanding at playing it by ear unlike most accountants.
He believes nothing in this world is more important than people.
It is people that put in the numbers in financial statements, and hidden behind those numbers are people.

Like any other person in their 20s, he doesn’t care what other people do, but he doesn’t hold back when he sees something wrong. He has a strong sense of justice and even dreamt of becoming a police officer.
He started learning taekwondo and boxing as a child to protect his grandparents and is now as good as a professional athlete.
It was possible because of his quirk and strong determination to achieve whatever goal he sets his mind on.
His family moved dozens of times since he was little, and he grew up surrounded by adults. Due to this background, he isn’t awkward when placed in a new situation or dealing with strangers.
He has learned how to overcome stress with his agreeable personality and sense of humor.
He is always polite and respectful.
Everyone who meets him wants him as a son or son-in-law.
썸네일 이미지
Han Seung-jo - Starring Choi Jin-hyuk
Senior manager, Deal advisory, Taeil Accounting Firm

He is the only son of Taeil’s VP Han Je-gyun. He is known as royalty within the company.
He has a good family background, graduated from a prestigious university, and is strikingly handsome.
He isn’t very outgoing, nor does he have many friends, but there is always someone willing to help when he needs it, so he never felt the desire to have more acquaintances. For this reason, he doesn’t value company. However, not a single day goes by without him thinking about Ji-soo, the girlfriend he had since university and broke up with 5 years ago.
He was born without the ability to kiss up to someone or say things out of courtesy. Because of this trait, some think he is arrogant but he doesn’t care. The indifference he shows when people call him arrogant is proof of his arrogance.
He likes everything to be neat and in order, whether it be work or relationships. He believes there is always a line one should not cross. He chose to become an accountant instead of a lawyer because it allows him to stay within clear rules and regulations, not protect a criminal that has crossed the line. His life’s motto is “balance and equilibrium”. He tries to keep his balance in every moment.
He is never warm or cold toward others in any situation. He remains 36.5 degrees at all times.
He has no interest in others, but no one will get away if they cross the line he has set up.
썸네일 이미지
Han Je-gyun - Starring Choi Min-soo
Vice President, Deal advisory, Taeil Accounting Firm

He is Seung-jo’s father and stands for the “noblesse oblige” of Taeil.
He is known as a man of fine character.
Je-gyun was the first to suggest that Taeil start a scholarship foundation. For a long time, he focuses on the foundation and promoting the employment of people with disabilities as if he has no interest in climbing the corporate ladder. Then one day, he takes Sangah Group as his client and suddenly rises within the firm, soon being promoted to Vice President.

Je-gyun always emphasizes ethics and the social responsibility of accountants whenever he lectures the employees, but he isn’t interested in it in the least. He believes the result isn’t an accountant’s responsibility as long as there were no problems in the process. There are bound to be ants that are crushed to death under the wheel when a carriage passes by. Je-gyun never considers the people behind the numbers.
썸네일 이미지
Jin Yeon-ah - Starring Yeonwoo
Deal advisory associate, Taeil Accounting Firm

Ho-woo reports to Yeon-ah. She is the only daughter among the children of Jin Tae-soo, President of Jisan Bank.
She is a cute and lovable girl that is afraid of numbers, but not the world.

Yeon-ah joins Taeil with the childish conviction to show her father that she can make it without his help.
She sees Ho-woo as someone who overcame the hardship of being ignored by everyone with his strong determination.
Watching Ho-woo break down walls in relationships and solve problems in ways she never imagined, Yeon-ah is in awe of him while also being drawn to him.
Being in charge of the new employees, she finds herself training Ho-woo before she knows it. Her cute charm overshadows her skills. She is Ho-woo’s compass, pointing him in the right direction to find answers related to accounting, work life, and the hidden secrets within the business. Through Ho-woo, who searches for answers within financial statements and beyond them, Yeon-ah is able to reconsider her role and calling as an accountant.