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Title [365: Repeat the Year] Nam Ji Hyun, Lee Joon Hyuk, And More Start Mysterious Survival Game In “365: Repeat The Year”
Upate 2020-03-03 16:03

▶ Broadcasting from March 23rd(mon,Tue) 20:55

Upcoming MBC drama “365 Repeat the Year” has dropped a thrilling first teaser!

“365: Repeat the Year” is about a mysterious survival game that unfolds when 10 people “reset” their lives by going back in time to exactly one year ago. All of the “resetters” return to the past in hopes of a better life, but they end up trapped in an unpredictable new fate as things take an unexpected turn.

The clip begins with Ji Hyung Soo (Lee Joon Hyuk) receiving a mysterious phone call from Lee Shin (Kim Ji Soo). She offers him a chance to go back to the past and explains he will be restarting his life. Ji Hyung Soo chooses to take the offer, saying, “I’m going to try it. It sounds crazy, but I’m going to do whatever I can,” while Shin Ga Hyun (Nam Ji Hyun) urgently begs, “I want to go back. No, I have to go back.”

The tension increases with Lee Shin declaring in a voiceover, “If you want to turn back [time], make sure you survive.” This is followed by a brief intersection of the setters, who had a chance to reset their lives to a year ago, which further raises the sense of urgency. The ten chosen ones are returned to the past with each containing the moment of waking up in a different situation.