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My Unexpected Housemate

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The TV producers find a celebrity housemate to live in a room rented out by another celebrity and in some cases, there is more than one housemate. The celebrities then live together in the same house for several weeks after signing a <> contract that also includes the transaction of rent money paid to the celebrity who is the host.

Before the celebrities begin their experience as housemates, each of the parties must agree on certain conditions that they may personally want and then agree to follow them once the “contract” is signed! If the contract is successfully signed, the celebrity housemates will go on with their individual careers separately and when they come home from work, the housemate may freely live however they like in their “rented” rooms while the host also adjusts to living with a their new housemate(s).

Comedian known to be very blunt, Kim Gu-ra, also the busiest TV host in South Korea
moves into the actress Han Eun-jung’s apartment!

Female comedian Kim Shin-young and K-Pop singer Hong Jin-young, two women in their 30’s moves into live with a 24-year-old Korean rapper P.O at his house!

Middle-aged Korean celebrity chef, Oh Se-deuk cooks and looks after the 13 girl group members called the <WJSN (Cosmic Girls)> in their house!

Unexpected encounters! Meeting new people will let you discover something new about yourself. Though the relationship and experience being a housemate might be awkward in the beginning, but they will soon learn and get to know each other as they live together!
After taping footage of the celebrities living together, the show brings them into a studio for group interviews that will reveal their thoughts about one another!