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썸네일 이미지
  • Director Kim Tae-yoon, Sung Chi-wook
  • Writer Park Ran, Kim Yoo-jin, Park Ja-gyung
  • Starring

    Kim Hee-seon, Ro Woon, Yoon Ji-on, Lee Soo-hyuk

  • Category Drama
  • Year 2022
  • Episode
  • Running Time
  • Genre
  • Homepage https://program.imbc.com/Tomorrow

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A warm fantasy drama about the underworld as Grim Reapers, who are supposed to guide the dead, save the lives of suicidal people

썸네일 이미지
Goo Ryun - starring Kim Hee-seon (Born in 1611, Died at age 28)
New leader of the Crisis Management(CM) Team

She overpowers all the evil of the world with a single look. She has no compassion whatsoever, and it keeps her away from trouble. Her face is always expressionless. She doesn’t get close to anyone, create relationships or open up to others. This makes her unapproachable. She is also judged for being the criminal from hell. She is guilty of committing suicide. Ryun wants to cease to exist. The Jade Emperor feels both bad for and upset with her. Most would regret their actions or feel resentful when punished, but she has been taking her punishment for 400 years without a hint of a grudge. All she wants is to become extinct. This is why she is sent to the Crisis Management team, along with the promise to have her wishes fulfilled under one condition. She is to let one suicidal person end his life. She is able to cease to exist within a day should she choose to.
Most suicidal people want to live. They do not want to live in their current situation, but deep inside, they do not hope to die. Ryun is not able to turn a blind eye to the suicidal people’s true desire. She sometimes even breaks the law of the underworld to save them. She is slowly healed from the trauma of committing suicide as she helps others, and overcomes the pain.
썸네일 이미지
Choi Joon-woong - starring Ro Woon (Late 20s/Job seeker)
A soul that left his body because of a mistake made by the CM team, he is half-human and half-spirit, neither dead nor alive

An only child, Joon-woong was a cheerful boy, raised by parents that gave him everything he wanted. Until he was 7. His parents have a baby girl when he is 8 and he is no longer the apple of their eyes. His father, who leaves on a short business trip overseas, dies in an accident and Joon-woong faces the first hardship in life. However, he is never gloomy thanks to his mother, who tries to make sure he doesn’t lack anything. She showers him with love that is more than enough to make up for his father’s absence. As if life is trying to make up for his loss, everything goes his way, whether it be studies or relationships. He believes he will not get unlucky anymore. His luck only lasts until he is in college. As a senior, his goal is to get a job with a conglomerate. He puts everything he has into finding that job, but fails time after time. Not wanting to become the joke at his mother’s 60th birthday, he reluctantly applies for a job at a small company, but doesn’t get accepted. Drunk, he climbs up a bridge, considering suicide, only to find someone that beat him to the spot. While trying to save the other person’s life, they both fall off the bridge before the CM team can arrive. Because the team arrives later than scheduled, Joon-woong falls into a coma for 3 years and finds himself working for the CM team under the condition that he gets his life back.
썸네일 이미지
Lim Ryoong-goo - starring Yoon Ji-on (Born in 1481. In his 30s when he dies)
Ryoong-goo is a mysterious man with a poker face. He is known to dryly state facts that are hard to bring up. No one knows what kind of man he really is. He rarely expresses his emotions, is quiet, but his presence fills the room. He can pull off any kind of outfit and doesn’t need money to look elegant. As part of the Big Data Management headquarters, he was in charge of “life review” editing before joining the CM team. Ryoong-goo edited life reviews that flash before one’s eye before he or she dies. Everyone finds it odd when he volunteers to join the CM team run by Goo Ryun from hell. The reason he did all the editing of life reviews at his previous team, organized the list and joined the CM team is to see the woman he loves. Because he chose to commit suicide, he knows he will not be able to meet her again even if he were to be reincarnated. This is why he chooses to become a Grim Reaper, delaying his reincarnation, to greet his beloved when she comes to the underworld. When he hears about the CM team that could give him a chance to stop waiting and visit the living, he doesn’t care if the team leader is from hell. He chooses to join the team to visit the living and see the love of his life one last time.
썸네일 이미지
Park Joong-gil - starring Lee Soo-hyuk (Born in 1610. Died in 1951)
Leader, Guidance Management Team, part of Spirit Management Headquarters

Joong-gil is the leader of the Guidance Management Team, the biggest team of Life Review. A stickler for rules, he never compromises when it comes to principles or guidelines. Thus, he is the first to object to the Jade Emperor’s suggestion that they save suicidal people. His first rule is to never get involved in the life and death of humans. He protests that when principles are broken, it will threaten the existence of the underworld. Times have changed and Grim Reapers are allowed to dress freely. However, he is the only one that insists on wearing a black suit. You can clearly tell he is conservative by his choice in attire. He makes people shudder and is closest to the image most people imagine when thinking of the Grim Reaper.