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The Red Sleeve

썸네일 이미지
  • Director Jeong Ji-in
  • Writer Jeong Hae-ri
  • Starring

    Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young, Kang Hoon

  • Category Drama
  • Year 2021
  • Episode
  • Running Time
  • Genre
  • Homepage https://program.imbc.com/redsleeve

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A historical drama about a mournful royal romance between a court lady who wanted to protect her chosen life and a king whose country came before love.

Deok-im, who was a court-lady but had never thought about being loved by a king and loved friends and freedom and Lee San, who wanted to live as a king and was more strict with himself than anyone else, eventually fell in love with each other. The touching story of an ordinary court lady becoming the mother of the crown prince and ascending to the highest position in the palace is described interestingly.

썸네일 이미지
Lee San - starring Lee Jun-ho
The eldest son of the crown prince and heir apparent

He is arrogant and smart. A fast learner. Court ladies are more scared of him than the lady in charge of discipline or inspection. He is strict to others and is highly disciplined himself. He is scarily hard on himself and tries his best to become the successor his grandfather King Yeongjo deems ideal. He doesn’t want to die a tragic death like his father, so he is determined to survive and prove himself to people by becoming a sage king. In other words, he is always secretly afraid of others. He is terrified he’ll go crazy like his father and end his life the same way. He can’t tell anyone about his fear, so he wraps himself in the image of the perfect heir apparent and hides behind it. He thought he could stay “perfect” forever. Until he meets a certain woman.
썸네일 이미지
Sung Deok-im - starring Lee Se-young
Daughter of Sung Yoon-woo, who was a bodyguard of the crown prince

When Crown Prince Sado is locked in a grain chest and killed, Deok-im’s father Yoon-woo is accused of conspiracy by Hunggye of Gwanghan Palace, and beheaded. Yoon-woo knows where “Geumdeungjisa” was hidden and leaves a clue with his young daughter. Deok-im doesn’t know she holds the key to a secret and is raised as a normal court lady when Lady Hyebin takes her in. She is known to others as the daughter of Lady Hyebin’s servant. As a child with no worries, she was a reckless troublemaker. However, when she suddenly loses her family, she suffers from aphasia. Thanks to the care of the court lady in charge of discipline, she goes back to her cheerful self and lives vivaciously. When she thinks about her childhood, she has a memory of saving the eldest son of the crown prince, but she forgets about it thinking it’s insignificant. Her life is a series of repetitive work at the library in the palace of the crown prince until an arrogant and rude young man shows up in her life. Her life changes dramatically when she throws five silver coins at him.
썸네일 이미지
Hong Deok-ro - starring Kang Hoon
The crown prince’s teacher

Whenever the court ladies read romantic novels, they imagine Deok-ro as the male lead. Countless court ladies fall for his handsome looks and sweet smile. The court ladies that run away when the horrid Lee San shows up gather behind a wall to steal a glimpse of Deok-ro when he walks by. He is kind to people, especially the women at the palace. So not many people know the cold side of him hidden behind his warm and charming looks. Neither do they know that he had a miserable childhood as the legitimate son of the prestigious Namyang Hong family. Lee San is his savior that rescued him from a dark hole and turned him into a shining gem. He will do everything possible to make sure Lee San sits on the throne and plans to shine as San’s right-hand man ruling over many. He believes that the world will be in the palm of his hand one day.