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썸네일 이미지
  • Director Jin Chang-gyu
  • Writer Choi Gyung
  • Category Drama
  • Year 2020
  • Episode
  • Running Time
  • Genre
  • Keyword
  • Homepage http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/chipin/index.html

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A prominent artist is found dead in his bedroom. But there are too many suspects. One malevolent person controlled a few others to kill the artist. Each person had the artist take a sleeping for different purposes, and the artist ends up taking five in total. He dies of anaphylaxis shock, a side effect of sleeping pills. Is the person that planned this out of spite the killer? Or is it the people that became his puppets and carried it out? Find truth within people that are twisted with greed.

썸네일 이미지
Yoo In-ho (Male/ 53)
A famous artist that is sadly killed by someone close
He breaks away from the common notion that artists don’t know how to manage money. He is an artist that is good at investment and his assets are worth over 25 million dollars. However, he is not very different from the type of person you would imagine to be an artist. He was born sensitive and highly unique. He doesn’t even like his family members to come within certain boundaries. His sense of hearing is especially sensitive and his bedroom is completely soundproof. Even when he was screaming for help from an anaphylaxis shock caused by sleeping pills, no one could hear him. He even has a herniated disc, which made it hard for him to come out of the room for help. So, he had no choice but to die lonely in his room.
썸네일 이미지
Ji Seol-young (Female/ 49)
The late Yoo In-ho’s ex-wife and current lover
20 years ago, In-ho had an affair with Kim Ji-hye, who gave birth to an illegitimate daughter. Seol-young is infuriated and divorces him. She promises herself to never forgive him, but after three years of his constant effort to win her back, she does. For 17 years, they have been lovers that are almost like a married couple. She is a talented musical director and is currently putting together a musical film, but the sponsor recently decided to quit its sponsorship and she faces a crisis. If the film isn’t completed, she will be left penniless. However, she doesn’t get upset easily, but is always chic and elegant. She calmly says everything on her mind and gives a bushel when she gets a peck. She isn’t one of the five that gave In-ho the sleeping pills, but is suspected to have controlled the others. Her job as a director makes her look more suspicious.
썸네일 이미지
Kim Ji-hye (Female,48)
The mother of In-ho’s illegitimate daughter, once his mistress
She had In-ho’s daughter at 28. Born into a poor family, she struggled to survive as a ballerina, but had to quit due to an injury. She meets In-ho when she models for him. She falls in love with him and has his child, but he doesn’t marry her even after he gets divorced. He just gets on his knees and begs for forgiveness. He sends her half his income as child support for 20 years. Added up, it is worth more than enough to buy a building. However, the money is all gone after a business failure and two failed marriages. A day before In-ho dies, someone leaves a letter in front of her room. Part of In-ho’s will is written in the letter, the part regarding the inheritance Ji-hye would receive. Surprisingly, it is a conditional inheritance, but the amount and condition, the most important information, is blacked out. She considers it for a moment and decides to sneak into In-ho’s room, where his safe is. She adds a sleeping pill to the nine pills he takes every night. She only gave him a single sleeping pill, but becomes arrested as the first suspect because of the bottle of sleeping pills found in her room.
썸네일 이미지
Yoo Bit-na (Female,20)
The late Yoo In-ho’s illegitimate daughter
She may be an illegitimate child, but she is In-ho’s one and only precious daughter. He has always showered her with love and she never resented him, nor does she lack anything. She grew up as a love child because her parents didn’t start a family together, but she respects her father’s decision. She takes after her ballerina mother and shows talent in ballet. She is currently a ballet major in university. She is a bright, confident and fearless 20-year-old. She always finds herself colliding with her father’s ex-wife Kim Ji-hye. Even before she can get over the shock of her father’s death, her mother is arrested as a murder suspect. She believes her mother is innocent, but is appalled when the fact that her mother gave her father a sleeping pill on purpose is revealed. She has to get Ji Seol-young, who manipulated her mother and the other four.
썸네일 이미지
Ms. Park (Female, 63)
Housekeeper for over 20 years at the late Yoo In-ho’s house
In-ho’s ex-wife Seol-young practically acts like the lady of the house, but she isn’t at home often. So, Ms. Park takes care of everything around the house. She puts up with In-ho even when he is sensitive and cranky, but speaks her mind to the other family members. She also gets a letter from someone. The inheritance and condition are blacked out in her copy as well. She gives In-ho a sleeping pill to check his will. On the day of his death, there is a barbecue party. In-ho ends his meals with rice and soup, so Ms. Park cooks serves him rice and loach soup with a sleeping pill mixed with sephythm powder, which has a strong scent. When Bit-na’s mother Ji-hye is arrested as a suspect, she keeps quiet, worried she’d get involved in it and won’t be able to get the inheritance. She is the second person to visit In-ho’s room while he is asleep, but she doesn’t find the will. After leaving his room, she is surprised to see Dokgo Cheol walk toward the bedroom.
썸네일 이미지
Dokgo Cheol (Male, 48)
The late Yoo In-ho’s stepbrother
In-ho’s mother gets remarried and has Cheol with In-ho’s stepfather. The stepfather is a crook and physically abuses young In-ho. Cheol takes after the parts of his father In-ho hates. While working as a salesman at a pharmaceutical company, he steals medicine and even goes to jail. He continues embezzlement and fraud to survive even after doing time. He has a horrible relationship with In-ho, but lives at In-ho’s house because he has nowhere else to go and they are blood-related. He also receives a letter and uses his past experience as an employee at a pharmaceutical company, he chooses the pill that looks closest to a sleeping pill out of In-ho’s medication and switches the two. He is the third person to visit In-ho’s room in the night and finds the will. Surprisingly, the will says that whoever sees the will beforehand gets excluded from receiving any inheritance. Worried that his fingerprints would be found on the will, he takes it when he leaves. So, Moon Jung-wook, who sneaks into In-ho’s room doesn’t get to see the will.
썸네일 이미지
Dokgo Sun (Female/20)
The late Yoo In Ho’s nephew
She is Cheol’s daughter, but unlike her father, she has a good relationship with her uncle In Ho. The reason he can’t cut his pain of a brother off is Sun. Sun also received a letter and added a sleeping pill to In Ho’s chocolate, which he eats after taking his medication, to see the will. However, she changes her mind before going into In Ho’s room. So she never went into In Ho’s bedroom.
썸네일 이미지
Moon Jung-wook (Male, 53)
The late Yoo In-ho’s friend of 33 years
He studied art with In-ho in university. He was a promising artist, even more so than In-ho, but after going through a slump, he quit drawing. Later, he works as a reporter for an art magazine before taking his current position as the CEO of a foundation that sponsors poor art students. He’s been living with In-ho for a few years and is like family. He also receives a letter. He adds a sleeping pill to the burdock tea In-ho drinks for his back. He is the fourth person to visit sleeping In-ho’s room. However, the will isn’t in the safe.