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Extra-ordinary You

썸네일 이미지
  • Director Kim Sang-hyeob
  • Writer Song Ha-young, Yin Ji-hye
  • Starring

    Kim Hye-yoon,Ro-woon,Lee Jae-wook,Jeong Geon-ju,Kim Young-dae,Na-eun,Lee Tae-ri

  • Category Drama
  • Year 2019
  • Episode
  • Running Time
  • Genre
  • Keyword
  • Homepage http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/extraordinaryyou/index.html

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This is a fantasy romance drama about Dan Oh and Ha Ru, who one day find out that they are unimportant characters of a cartoon and change the storyline to make their relationship work out!
Dan Oh fights against her destiny to live the life she wants. However, they are caught in a setting within the cartoon, and can’t do as they wish. Nevertheless, 18-year-old Dan Oh and Ha Ru start scheming to make their love come true. They are willing to stand up against their fate to experience love that transcends time and space!

썸네일 이미지
Eun Dan-oh (Female, 18) / Kim Hye-yoon
She is the pretty only daughter of a rich family. She is stuck-up and takes it for granted when people are nice to her. However, born with a weak heart, she always wears a cardio tachometer like others wearing a watch. Nevertheless, she isn’t pessimistic about her life, nor does she pity herself. She has to be calm and can’t let her emotions get the better of her so it doesn’t affects her heart. But there are times when she can’t control her emotions and that’s when she sees a good-looking guy.
The moment she lays eyes on Baek Gyung, she makes up her mind to marry him. Young Dan Oh’s world consisted of Baek Gyung and the rectangular ceiling which she sees from her hospital bed. No wonder her feelings for Baek Gyung became so strong. But she realizes something unexplainable within her has changed, she finds out that she’s a character within a cartoon, and an extra at that. It isn’t just a normal fluttering heart. It is totally different from the setting created by the writer. Does she really have to speak, act and go as the writer decides even if it isn’t her destiny? Even if the world doesn’t revolve around her, if she looks at the world from her point of view, she was the center of it.
썸네일 이미지
Haru (Male, 18) / Kim Ro-woon (SF9)
Before Dan Oh started calling him Ha Ru, he was merely the 13th person in the attendance book. He was an extra in the romantic cartoon “Secret” and didn’t even had a name. One say, Ha Ru wakes up in the world of “Secret”. He is number 13 in class 7 of the junior year at Seuri High School. A few numbers is everything that describes him. He has nothing other than the numbers. Not even a name. No one remembers him and he is just part of the background. Every day is like a nightmare he can’t wake up from. Ha Ru has been instinctively protecting someone. Who is this person? Why is he protecting her? Finally, Ha Ru meets the person he was curious about. Dan Oh was part of his world before he even knew it. Ha Ru immediately felt attracted to Dan Oh. It might be his destiny. After meeting Dan Oh, Ha Ru starts adjusting to life in the cartoon. She is the only person that acknowledged him when not even he remembered anything about himself. Soon, Dan Oh becomes everything to Ha Ru.
썸네일 이미지
Baek Gyeong (Male, 18) / Lee Jae-wook
Supporting role in “Secret”, 3rd most popular student at Seuri High School
He is Dan Oh’s crush for a decade and her fiancé. He is also officially known as Seuri High School’s Casanova. He is rude and audacious, but always has girls chasing after him because of his aura and looks. He never loved or cared about anyone, nor does he plans to. Baek Gyung was raised by a father that puts money first. His father used his only son to make money. Knowing how Dan Oh felt about Baek Gyung since she was little, Baek Gyung’s father betrothed him to her to strengthen his position as a business partner. He feels helpless, as his father doesn’t treat him as a son, but as a business measure. He can’t go against his father’s will, but doesn’t want to be obedient. That’s why he picks on Dan Oh and ignores her even when he knows how she feels.
However, Bae Gyung finds himself thinking about Dan-oh. She is the only person in the world that truly likes him. When he sees Dan Oh in the hospital, he is worried she’ll leave him like his mother did. One day, Dan Oh suddenly seems weird. She still says she likes him, but it doesn’t seem like she feels the way she did before.
썸네일 이미지
Lee Do-hwa (Male, 18) / Jeong Geon-ju
2nd most important character of “Secret”, 2nd most popular student at Seuri High School
He is the second most popular of the A3 and was always best friends with Nam Joo. He lacks 5% in everything compared to Nam Joo. Outgoing and friendly, he gets along with everyone. He likes to play soccer or basketball with his classmates. He doesn’t worry about much and is happy most of the time. He looks carefree and as if he doesn’t take anything seriously, but is secretly depressed. No one knows about his loneliness and sadness. No one cares to know about it. They like the bright and goofy side of Do Hwa. However, someone catches him with an expressionless face. He runs into the new kid in school Yeo Joo Da on the rooftop of their school.
Come to think of it, Joo Da became part of every moment of his life since then and he becomes attracted to her. He likes her, but just watches her from afar when she is with Nam Joo. He is worried she will fall for Nam Joo. He needs to make a move! However, he finds himself doing nothing other than watching her from afar and comforting her, and he is disappointed with himself.
썸네일 이미지
Oh Nam-joo (Male, 18) / Kim Young-dae
Leading male character of “Secret”, the most popular boy at Seuri High School
He is the most popular boy at Seuri High School and the center of A3. His father is Oh Jae Beol, a painter, designer and CEO of a clothing brand and his mother is Oh Ah Reum, an actress. He is a second generation chaebol of the global fashion company “Seline”. He is tall, good-looking, smart enough to get the highest grades in Korea, and never lost a fight. The compliment he gets most often is that he is good-looking. He knows he is a catch and arrogant. He is the type of boy you’d see in a drama.
He also has something that pains him like all children of chaebol families. Mixing colors and elaborate designs are the identity of Seline.
썸네일 이미지
Yeo Joo-da (Female, 18) / Lee Na-eun
Leading female character of “Secret”, the new kid at Seuri High School
Joo Da is the typical heroine of a romantic cartoon. She is poor, but pretty and sweet. She had all kinds of part-time jobs because of her family’s financial circumstances. She was chosen for the CSR business of the global company Seline and is admitted to Seuri High School. Right from the start, school life wasn’t easy, but she is always smiling with positive attitude.
She wanted to have a quiet school life, but a boy picks on her, asking her to pay for dry cleaning just because she accidently ran into him. The boy is Oh Nam Joo, the most popular boy at school. On the other hand, there is a boy that is like her guardian angel, showing up and helping her whenever she is in a tough situation. It’s Lee Do Hwa, the second most popular boy at school. Joo Da always courageously stands up for justice, but becomes quiet when she is misunderstood. Sae Mi gets jealous to Nam Joo and starts telling people about Nam Joo’s vulnerable point and that Joo Da spread the rumor. All she had to do was say no when Nam Joo asked if she really is behind it. However, Joo Da doesn’t say anything. No wonder Nam Joo gets the wrong idea. In a nutshell, Joo Da is the typical heroine of a drama.
썸네일 이미지
Jin Mi-chae (Male, Age unknown) / Lee Tae-ri
His age, nationality, background and name are kept a secret. He isn’t even a student at the high school. He always shows up when jinmichae, sautéed dried squid, is served at the school cafeteria and thus called “Jinmichae fairy”. He is the closest character to the writer and the most secretive.
Unlike his bright expression and tone, he is pessimistic. He knows everything, but isn’t interesting in anything. He is the first to have an ego within the world of “Secret”. He knows many things as if he’s experienced other world and tells other about it.