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The Rich Son

썸네일 이미지

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Lee Gwang-jae is a rich boy that inherits a huge amount of debt and struggles to pay it back to save his father’s reputation. By his side is Kim Young-ha, a dauntless girl who fully supports him. is a TV series that shows that this world is worth living as long as you have courage and true love, through an immature rich kid and an innocent girl that struggle to make money, starting from the bottom.

썸네일 이미지
Lee Gwang-jae – Starring Kim Ji-hun
Immature rich kid
He loves traveling, cars and watches. He sees the world as a warm and kind place. This bolsters his confidence, but he then faces a crisis. The family company goes bankrupt, causing his father’s death and he is saddled with enormous debt. However, he struggles to make a comeback with his stubbornness, boldness, perseverance and courage that makes him seem reckless at times.
썸네일 이미지
Kim Young-ha – Starring Kim Ju-hyeon
Younger daughter of the family, a foodie and college student on leave of absence
She has a hearty laugh and good food can get her out of bed anytime. She opened a dessert café with her tuition without her parents knowing, but found herself in debt too massive for a student to pay back. Her next goal is to become the owner of a beverage and snack shop and her ultimate goal is to become a success story. She doesn't want to marry into a rich family, but become rich herself.
썸네일 이미지
Nam Tae-il – Starring Lee Kyu-han
Works at Gami, a restaurant franchise
He is trusted by Gwang-jae’s dad and is a hard worker. When Gwang-jae’s dad retires, he believes he will be chosen to lead the company. Gwang-jae is not interested in business, nor does he have what it takes to lead the company. He met Young-ha before Gwang-jae did and had a crush on her for a long time. Young-ha is like a shining ray of light to him and her smile makes him happy. However, she is in love with the immature Gwang-jae who has no skills.
썸네일 이미지
Kim Gyeong-ha – Starring Hong Soo-hyun
Oldest daughter of her family, member of the product planning team at a fashion company
She seems like the perfect girl and has never gone astray as she grew up. She wanted to become a successful career woman and be envied by others, but there are just too many women in the world that are more talented than she is. She comes to the conclusion that the only thing that will change her life dramatically is marriage. Her mom pressures her into going on a blind date and she meets a flawless man, but weirdly it makes her want to cry. She was actually in love with someone else.