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Hold Me Tight

썸네일 이미지

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Hyun-joo had a hard life after losing her mother to brain tumor at a young age. It was her husband Kim Do-young, who saved her. However, she finds out that she will also die soon like her late mother. The fear of leaving her family in the same pain and agony she went through as a child is bigger than the fear of dying. This leads her to tell her husband, “I’ve fallen in love with someone else”, as she hides her pain. During the last moments of her life, she goes off to find true love in .

썸네일 이미지
Nam Hyun-joo – Starring Han Hye-jin
Woman who searches for love at the end of her life
A part of her was always afraid of diseases after she lost her mother to brain tumor as a child. She meets Do-young, gets married and is as happy as can be. However, she is diagnosed with the same disease as her late mother. Around the same time, her husband’s first love, Da-hye returns to Korea. Under these unexpected circumstances, Hyun-joo leaves to spend time searching for love during the last three months she has left to live.
썸네일 이미지
Kim Do-young – Starring Yoon Sang-hyun
Architect, who dangerously walks a tightrope between his wife and his first love
Once called a genius architect in the industry, but he fails to compromise and accept the reality. Right when he is about to grab an opportunity to make a huge comeback, the most dangerous woman in his life shows up. It’s Da-hye, his first love, and she is back after a decade. When she shows up, his dream and the relationship with his beloved wife Hyun-joo are all at risk like a house of cards.
썸네일 이미지
Shin Da-hye – Starring Yoo In-young
Do-young’s first love that shows up after 10 years
She is the smart director of an American financial company who has money, status and the looks. She uses her position to control Do-young, who is planning a comeback. Unlike her perfect outer appearance, she has scars and pain she can’t share with anyone.
썸네일 이미지
Jang Seok-joon – Starring Kim Tae-hun
Hyun-joo’s doctor, who dedicates his life to brain tumor research after losing his wife
Feeling guilty about not being able to save his wife’s life, he cares about nothing other than developing a cure for brain tumor. He meets Hyun-joo, who has brain tumor just like his wife and decides to do everything he can to save her life.