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My Contracted Husband, Mr. Oh

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There is a woman who has chosen to stay single. She cannot afford to get married, nor is she confident she can get married. However, she is scared of living alone. Although she is not in a situation where she can marry someone, she needs the blanket of security and perception that she is married to address her fears and other struggles as a single woman. This is why Han Seung-joo decides to hire a man to be her stand-in husband. The man she chooses is Oh Jak-doo. is a drama that depicts the process of Han Seung-joo, the materialistic protagonist, meeting Oh Jak-doo, the innocent stand-in husband, and finding true love and happiness.

썸네일 이미지
Oh Jak-doo – Starring Kim Kang-woo
Sweet, innocent and optimistic herbal medicine collector
He is an innocent man that still can’t get over his childhood sweetheart. He follows the wishes of his grandfather, his only family member and intangible cultural asset, and lives in the mountains, focusing on nothing other than the gayageum from a young age. He heads to Seoul with his grandfather’s gayageum without telling him, which leads to his grandfather’s death. Ridden with guilt, he becomes a hermit in the mountains. When he hears that the mountain hut that holds memories of his grandfather will be torn down, he goes to meet Han Seung-joo, the owner of the mountain, to save it. Somehow, he becomes the stand-in husband of the materialistic city girl Han Seung-joo and starts a life in the center of busy Seoul.
썸네일 이미지
Han Seung-joo – Starring U-IE
Strong, competitive and highly independent producer for an outsourcing production company
She takes all kinds of risks and criticism if it means higher viewer ratings. She is strong-willed and even knows how to grovel when necessary. However, after suffering from obsessive panic disorder one day, not being able to sleep or stand being alone, she longs to have someone by her side. The moment she meets Oh Jak-doo, who comes to her about saving his mountain hut, she knows he’s the one. She starts a new life with Oh Jak-doo as her stand-in husband.
썸네일 이미지
Eric Cho – Starring Jang Sang-hoon
CEO of Cheongwoldang, a multi-use cultural space
He is a famous celebrity that is known to be outgoing, charismatic and loves art. However, having studied abroad at a young age, he actually yearns for affection. He hides behind designer brands and expensive sports cars to keep people from finding out his weakness. He has money and fame, but wishes for fame as a classy arts manager. He discovers the grandson of a famous gayageum player and pushes for a documentary that will help him gain fame when he meets Seung-joo and becomes smitten with her.
썸네일 이미지
Jang Eun-jo – Starring Han Seon-hwa
Gayageum musician and Jak-doo’s childhood sweetheart
She performed abroad and becomes known as a celebrity musician for 15 years, but becomes lazy from her success and loses her fame. She returns to Korea to rebuild her career and gets the help of Eric, who is the most influential person in the gugak industry of Korea. One day, she is reunited with Hyuk, who is living under the name Oh Jak-doo. Even after learning of his marriage, she keeps in touch with him saying men and women can be friends.