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Money Flower

썸네일 이미지

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Managing director Kang Pil-joo is envied by many inside the Chungah Group where he is known for his intelligence and high-performance. He keeps his real identity a secret from the Chungah Group founding family and serves them like an obedient servant but he is actually grooming them for his scheme. His plan was to make Mo-hyun fall in love with him for his revenge, but he finds himself falling desperately in love with her free-spirited personality. The “Money Flower” portrays a story of interlinked relationships between Pil-joo who is capable of bringing down Chungah, Mo-hyun who seeks love and a young Chungah Group scion named Bu-cheon. And these characters all come to the fore as money dictates their lives in a web of desire, greed and love.

썸네일 이미지
Kang Pil-joo – Starring Jang Hyuk
Managing Director at Chungah Group and a former attorney
He is a high-performing executive who is known for his intelligence. Because he displays such confidence in how he carries himself and exudes warmth, people mistake him as the grandson of the Chungah Group founder. But the secret truth is that he is actually the second grandson of the Chungah Group founder and only he knows the truth. Without revealing his true identity, he works for the Chungah Group and becomes a trusted confidante to the Chungah family. Jang Bu-cheon and Jung Mal-lan become wholly dependent on Kang Pil-joo in running the Chungah Group.
썸네일 이미지
Na Mo-hyun – Starring Park Se-young
Environmental activist and a substitute science teacher. Won gold in swimming in Korea National Games
She had model looks since she was a young girl. On the day she was born, she was adorably cute and healthy that her father thanked the heavens for being so blessed. She is a good listener, drinks well, laughs often and likes to hangout. She is told that she has too much pride but she likes hearing that because that means she resembles her father. In the city, she has trouble finding her way around but when she’s outdoors exploring nature, she becomes a natural in getting her bearings.
썸네일 이미지
Jang Bu-cheon – Starring Jang Seung-jo
Scion of Chungah Group fortune and grandson of Chungah Group founder, Jang Kuk-hwan
He discovered that he would never be able to spend all of his wealth in his lifetime no matter how much spent. Girls were always readily available for him. Because the ladies were always eager to please him, he became a playboy without even trying. Because he had money and all the girls he could ever want, he had the perfect lifestyle for a young man but his mother would always interfere with his life. She was adamant that he had to wrest control of the Chungah Group from his uncle who was the current chairman. He wanted to tell her that he was not interested in the chairman position but he could not say it.
썸네일 이미지
Yoon Seo-won – Starring Han So-hee
Information desk employee at Chungah Group office headquarters
She was working at her job at Chungah Group headquarters like any other day but then Jang Bu-cheon came by to talk after she got off work. They had dinner together and some drinks afterwards. That is how she began a relationship with him. She had other boyfriends but they were not serious relationships. Dating Bu-cheon was exhilarating and he swept her off her feet. Of course the luxurious fine dining and expensive places he took her to was part of the fun and she wished that it would last a long time.
썸네일 이미지
Jang Kuk-hwan – Starring Lee Soon-jae
Founder of Chungah Group
After Korea gained independence from Japan, he started a trading company that he called Chungah and during the Korean War, he was able to grow the company through quick wits, bold moves, and a calculating mind. In the world of business where companies fought off rivals as if they were archenemies, Jang Kuk-hwan committed egregious business practices and molded his company after himself. He could not put Chungah Group in the hands of anybody and what troubled him the most was that he could not find someone who met his standards.
썸네일 이미지
Jung Mal-lan – Starring Lee Mi-sook
Daughter-in-law of Chungah Group founder Jang Kuk-hwan. Chungah Foundation director
She had never set foot on a spot that had been soiled. Her father was a former Minister of Economy and arranged her to marry Jang Kuk-hwan’s first son. That marriage cemented Chungah Group’s success in gaining approval for all the business loans it needed from banks to grow the company. Because her father played a crucial role in growing the Chungah Group’s business, she firmly believes that she has a rightful claim to the Chungah Group’s vast business empire.