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The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

썸네일 이미지
  • Director Roh Do-chul
  • Writer Park Hye-jin
  • Starring

    Yoo Seung-ho. Kim So-hyun, Kim Myung-soo (Infinite L), Yoon So-hee

  • Category Drama
  • Year 2017
  • Episode
  • Running Time
  • Genre
  • Homepage http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/gunju/index.html

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As a fictional period drama, this miniseries tells the story of a crown prince named Lee Sun who fights the Pyeonsuhwe society that holds absolute power over the kingdom and also controls the water supply by privatizing it. The drama involves romance, action and court politics as the Crown prince, Lee Sun fights heroically on behalf of the people and Han Ga-eun finds herself falling in love with him instead of avenging the execution of her father at his hands. In “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask,” there is palace intrigue revolving around the true power behind the throne, and a plot twist when the prince switches identities with a commoner. But the overall theme of the show is love, which underlies the romance between a prince and his girl as well as the compassion for the country and people.

썸네일 이미지
Crown prince Lee Sun – Starring Yoo Seung-ho
Living in a palace with a heavy burden to carry as the next in line to the throne, crown prince Lee Sun can never find peace within the confines of his royal accommodations. But the worst part of his life is having to wear a mask all the time. As he grew older, he started to question his father the true reason behind the mask. However, the king would deflect his question and merely tell him that he would explain everything later. Thus, he decided to find out the answer by himself. While perusing through records of the royal family, he discovers his medical history and how he became inexplicably ill. So Lee Sun escapes the palace to track down Woobo, who can answer his questions.
썸네일 이미지
Han Ga-eun – Starring Kim So-hyun
Due to her mother’s premature death, she has to take care of her impoverished family and her dad who is from a long line of warriors. So her childlike curiosity quickly disappeared as she had responsibilities to look after her siblings. Doing the housekeeping and supporting the family is difficult and she gets frustrated with all the house duties she has. She eagerly awaits the days when she gets a day off to visit Monk Woobo. She is able to study under the monk and daydream about becoming free from all of her responsibilities someday. One day, she meets Cheon-soo, who becomes the first boy she ever had feelings for. He understands her dreams and aspirations and they share the same pursuit of being free. But her budding relationship with Cheon-soo is cut short when her father is beheaded by the crown prince.
썸네일 이미지
Commoner Lee Sun – Starring Kim Myung-soo (Infinite L)
As the son of a Baekjung-class commoner, he grew up poor and never got an education. He had no prospects of improving himself and he was denied a normal childhood. But Ga-eun saw how intelligent he was and found a way for them to learn how to read and write together. Since he was nameless, she came up with the name, Lee Sun (異線) for him, which instilled hope within him that he could better himself. But he knew the reality that he could never marry Ga-eun whose family was from the warrior-class and so he banished any feelings he had for her and stopped studying altogether. But after meeting the crown prince, he rekindled his dream.
썸네일 이미지
Kim Hwa-goon – Starring Yoon So-hee
Even though her family is not a prominent noble class family, she is the granddaughter of the Pyeonsuhwe leader who controls the kingdom. Because of the power that her family wields, she confidently talks back to the queen unlike other girls at her age. The crown prince who wears a mask around the palace seems to be pathetic in her eyes. Then one day, she meets the crown prince who turns out to be nothing like the sheltered prince she expected him to be. The moment she meets the crown prince, and the moment when he rescues her from danger, she figured that she is madly in love with him.