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My Daughter, Geum Sa-weol

썸네일 이미지
  • Director Baek Ho-min, Lee Jae-jin
  • Writer Kim Sun-ok
  • Starring

    Baek Jin-hui, Do Sang-u, Yoon Hyeon-min, Park Sey-eong, Jeon In-hwa, Son Chang-min

  • Category Drama
  • Year 2015
  • Episode
  • Running Time
  • Genre
  • Homepage http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/gumsawall/

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Geum Sa-weol is a genius architect who grew up in an orphanage. Despite the hardships she faced while growing up, she always stayed positive and never despaired no matter how tough life became. Her biological mother Deuk-ye had her through an extramarital affair with an ex-boyfriend and plots revenge on her husband and his mother. After considerable amount of time has passed, Sa-weol meets her mother but both of them do not recognize each other. Instead, they get to know each other as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

썸네일 이미지
Geum Sa-weol: Starring actress Baek Jin-hee
She is the daughter from Deuk-ye’s extramarital affair who was abandoned at an orphanage. She has a cheerful disposition and never despairs no matter how hard life gets. After becoming an architect, a terrible accident happened to one of the workers at the construction site and she takes it upon herself to support the family of the injured worker. Through another series of unfortunate events, she finds herself also supporting Joo Se-hoon who is a victim of a hit-and-run accident. One day she falls in love with Kang Chan-bin who is the stepson of her biological mother and this causes a terribly awkward situation once the truth about her mother is revealed.
썸네일 이미지
Joo Se-hoon: Starring Sung Hyuk
He used to be a young doctor at a university-affiliated hospital but suddenly decided to quit and become the rebel in the family. At first, he was smitten with love when he saw Hye-sang for the first time so he befriended Sa-weol to get a chance to meet Hye-sang. But he turned into a secret supporter to Sa-weol instead. He is a lazy romantic who has beens never desperate for money in his life. After meeting Sa-weol, he realizes the importance of work and its rewards.
썸네일 이미지
Oh Hye-sang: Starring actress Park Sae-young
When she does not get her way, she will immediately start crying to engender compassion and pity. She is a manipulative fox. Deuk-ye mistakes her for her own daughter and pays for her abroad studies and cares about her well-being. Hye-sang grew up with Geum Sa-weol at the same orphanage and they were best friends as children but as she became older, she started to get jealous of Sa-weol to the point that it poisoned their friendship.
썸네일 이미지
Kang Chan-bin: Starring actor Yoon Hyun-min
The scion of the family that owns Bogeum Constructions, who currently works in the family business as a vice president. His interactions with women are always professional and he keeps it strictly about business. He becomes enamored with Geum Sa-weol, who is unconventional and clumsy to a fault, and his relationship with her causes friction with his disapproving father whom he had never dared to disobey before. He is passionately in love with Sa-weol but has a difficult time expressing his emotions and becomes consumed with jealousy when he witnesses Sa-weol hanging out with her male friend Joo Se-hoon.
썸네일 이미지
Shin Deuk-ye: Starring actress Jeon In-hwa
She is the biological mother of Geum Sa-weol and the stepmother of Kang Chan-bin. After the sudden death of her father, her once wealthy family fell on hard times and she later finds out that her husband had played a sinister role in the reversal of her family fortunes. This enrages her so she has an affair with an old flame and promptly gets pregnant. She has to secretly give birth without her husband knowing and she leaves her baby in the care of a nurse friend who then sends it to an orphanage. Deuk-ye mistakenly identifies Hye-sang as her daughter and supports her financially anonymously.
썸네일 이미지
Kang Man-hoo Starring Son Cang-Min
He had three children with Choi Mary, including Kang Chan-bin. Together with Deuk-ye and Mary, he lives with them and his children in the same house. He has a rough personality and struck it rich through devious scheming. He worships himself and money. In pursuing Deuk-ye, he acted like a generous man whom she could rely on during her darkest hours but he changed into an evil and selfish person once he married her. He had two daughters with his first wife, Choi Mary but then they divorced. His second marriage was to Deuk-ye. But after he founded his own construction firm, his ex-wife seduced him and they had secret trysts that resulted in a son.