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썸네일 이미지
  • Director Lee Sang-yeop
  • Writer Choi Yun-jeong
  • Starring

    シン・ハギュン, チャン・ナラ, イ・ジュン, パク・イェジン

  • Category Drama
  • Year 2014
  • Episode
  • Running Time
  • Genre
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独特で魅力的な主人公はどんなストーリーよりも夢中にさせる。男装の女、霊感がある女、人の心が読める男、さらには異性人まで。そして、ここに! また一つ新たなキャラクターが登場する。30代の青年と70代の老人、歳月を越える異例の一人二役。老人の言葉使いと行動を持つ絶対美男子という新鮮でワクワクするキャラクター。そして、‘財閥二世のスタイリッシュな男’ではない、俗物で貪欲な財閥の会長をロマンチックコメディの主人公にし、その醜悪さをたっぷりと、面白おかしく見せるチェ・ゴボンは必ずや今年最高のキャラクターになるだろう。
年と共に人は美しさを失う。張りがあった顔はシワだらけ、お腹の肉は垂れ下がり、髪の毛もまばらに…。容貌だけではない。体の至るところにガタがくる。その上、社会的な無関心と冷遇。美しかった青春は過ぎ去り、体も心もむしばまれた醜い老人になる。そのため、老若男女、国籍や時代を問わず、誰でも美しかったあの頃に戻りたがる。あと10年若返れば…、いや1年でも…。いやほんの少しでも若返ることができたら! それゆえ様々なアンチエイジング製品があふれ、童顔が最高の美徳となった世の中。しかし! いくら地団駄を踏んだところで流れる時間を止めることも、逆らうこともできない。でも! 本当に若返りの薬が存在したらどうなるか? 死期が迫った70代の老人が、ある日突然30代に若返る。まぶしいほど美しい青年として帰ってきた彼は果たして幸せなのか? 若返りたい人間の欲望を軽快に描いたもう一つのファンタジー。

썸네일 이미지
Choi Shin-hyung Starring Shin Ha-gyun
He never says the same thing twice. He is a self-made man who focuses on results. It’s the man who does his task better than others that rises over those who just put in the effort. And to achieve success, Choi has always kept his eyes on the prize. He is one of the top ten richest people in the country and greatly admired in high society. But due to his advanced age, he now only has a few days to live. He lost his wife several decades ago while his son has become fodder for the tabloids as he lives a scandalous life. None of this helped his health. If only he were a year younger... If he could turn back the clock ten years...
썸네일 이미지
Eun Ha-soo Starring Jang Na-ra
A young woman who switched part-time jobs because of the 50-cent different in the hourly wage. She is a hardy worker like most young people of her generation. After her father passed, she had to start taking part-time jobs during high school. She has juggled academics with work without complaining. Her widowed mother refuses to sell the tailor shop that she ran with her late husband. Her younger brother went deep into debt to graduate from college. But since he has no job, he provides no income for the struggling family. So Ha-soo is left with the responsibility to support her mother and brother! Despite her plight, she has a positive outlook on life in general while working multiple part-time jobs from early morning till late at night.
썸네일 이미지
Choi Dae-han Starring Lee Jun
Choi Dae-han is temperamental and known widely for demanding speedy results! He cuts people off in mid-sentence because he does not suffer fools gladly. He talks in a rapid staccato and he’s always on time at work and is the first to leave when the workday is over. He never works overtime. As the scion of a wealthy family, he has been involved in every scandal imaginable. It’s what he does with his free time. A shameless slacker, he will do anything to get out of working. He is like the grasshopper in the Aesop Fable. Why work? What’s the point of making money when he will inherit his father’s vast wealth upon his death? So there is no point in working.
썸네일 이미지
Hong Ji-yoon Starring Park Ye-jin
She comes from a well-regarded family and has refined looks. She has a degree from a prestigious university and known as the perfect daughter that every mother with kids envy. She has a calm disposition and is a productive worker who was tapped by the chairman to be the head of PR almost as soon as she got hired fresh out of college. Due to her unprecedented promotion, jealous employees have spread the rumor that she sleeps with the chairman. Despite objections of her career choice by her father who, as a long-time high-level government official, believes that all businesspeople are con artists, she admires Chairman Choi for his sharp business skills and never wavers in staying loyal to him.