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The Invincible Lady Cha

썸네일 이미지
  • Director Oh hyeon-chang
  • Writer Park min-jeong
  • Starring

    Kim Bo-yeon, Oh Gwang-rok, Lee Ga-ryeong, Park Yun-jae

  • Category Drama
  • Year 2015
  • Episode
  • Running Time
  • Genre
  • Homepage http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mrscha/

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People born as a member of the baby boomer generation have elderly parents to support while also sacrificing themselves to support their kid's education. This show follows the lives of a couple in their fifties and their children and elderly parents to encompass three generations.

News is instantly relayed through social media, societal issues become hot search topics in seconds through the power of smart devices, young adults can find a coffee shop on nearly every block in the city for a cup of bitter Americano in the 21st century, and the only thing that has stayed the same is that we belong in a family.

People in their fifties have to worry about the increasing numbers of elderly in the population while neglecting to build a retirement savings because they are spending all of their money on their kids' education in a job market with fewer jobs. Young people use words that older people cannot understand. Casual dating has taken on a new meaning to youth and we look at three generations in a family to portray different facets of society. We also focus on the daily life of Lady Cha, who is an indomitable force in the family, to reveal aspects of a typical wholesome family.

썸네일 이미지
Lady Cha (Cha Mi-lan), 53, female (Dal-soo's wife)
She was born in a wealthy family and lived a sheltered life like a princess. There was nothing denied to her.In college, she was an art major. She went to fancy restaurants, shopped at luxury brand stores, and was living the high life. She thought her life would always be like that. That is, until she married Dal-soo, Dal-soo seemed like the kind of guy who would be devoted to her only. He has no financial discipline while he is the eldest son in his family. Cha is tasting the bitter side of life and it's an ongoing situation. She figures that as long as her kids don't turn out like her father-in-law Oh Dong-pal and her husband, Oh Dal-soo, then she has succeeded in raising her kids. The only way she sees in getting revenge on Dal-soo is to help her kids succeed in life where they will all be off in the morning to go to work so that she can have lazy brunch with a friend.
썸네일 이미지
Oh Dal-soo, 56, male (Cha Mi-lan's husband)
He dismisses the saying that pinching pennies can make you a millionaire and believe it's just a lie. As a salaried worker, he thinks it's impossible to save money from his salary to live a comfortable life later so he draws money from his pension to play the stock market without telling his wife or parents. The stock investments he made were duds as the companies were delisted and the job he thought was secure suddenly wasn't anymore and he was laid off. He is assaulted on all fronts as a father, husband and son.
썸네일 이미지
Oh Eun-ji, 26, female (Dal-soo's eldest daughter)
As the oldest, she is doted on by Cha Mi-lan. She feels bad that her mother has to endure a lot of nagging from her grandpa and grandma so she lived up to her mother's expectations by becoming an accountant. She is the only member of the family who is a mild success and causes no trouble. The accounting company she works for takes on a new client that happens to be the company where Ji-seok works at. So she gets to know Ji-seok through the work her firm is doing for Ji-seok. Unaware that Ji-seok is her dad's sworn enemy, she falls in love with him and causes a rift in her family.
썸네일 이미지
Kim Ji-seok, 33, male (Young businessman)
After the death of his father, he took over his dad's company. As a young businessman, he brims with enthusiasm to make his dad's company into a global player. To change the company into a more energetic and youthful workplace, he lays off all the people who are around his father's age. Dal-soo was on the list of workers to be laid off so he personally requests a meeting with Ji-seok to fight for his job. But Ji-seok insults him by berating him for not preparing for such a day like this. When Lady Cha learns that her husband was laid off, she goes to see Ji-seok and pleads with Ji-seok but he coldly tells her that there's nothing he can do for her.
썸네일 이미지
Oh Ki-hoon, 25, male (Dal-soo's son)
Self-proclaimed feminist. On the outside, he is a handsome fellow with an aura of generosity like some rich kid but he is more of a conservative guy than most. He likes nice, submissive girls instead of successful types. But somehow he falls in love with Yoon-hee, an older woman who is a dentist, and not his type.
썸네일 이미지
Lee Yoon-hee, 29, female (dentist)
She is a cool-headed woman. She is decisive, hates leaving loose ends in a relationship, makes great judgment calls and is direct. She went to high school and college in America and became a dentist. She is the top specialist in navigation implants that uses a computer-guided system. She has no interest in men and doesn't think she needs a man in her life. When she falls in love with unemployed Oh Ki-hoon, her family is against their relationship but she won't let that stop her.