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[Special VR Human Documentary] Meeting You

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▣ Synopsis
What is your most heartwarming memory?
If you could meet a deceased family member, what would you say to him?
With this question in mind, the staff started a project of bringing a human documentary and virtual reality together. Will virtual reality, artificial intelligence and immersive content go beyond creating entertainment like games and be able to move a person’s heart? The plan is to incarnate the person someone misses the most and bring back his warmest memories. They also test the possibility of using technology to touch a person deep within.

▣ Partners
○ Vive Studios
: A CGI studio with Korea’s best VR, AR, CGI and VFX technologies,
their animation “Volt” Chain City” was selected as the best VR animation in 2017 and 2018 at VR Fest, the biggest VR film festival.

○ SM Brotech
: As real-time rending is becoming more important in various industries, it is being used more often in augmented reality platforms built with Unreal engine and Zero Density. SM Brotech provides equipment and software, and real-time photo editing.

: KIST started developing a motion recognition sensor in 2015 and created a flexible VR glove that can detect and control objects in virtual reality. They currently have a glove that also allows the user to feel temperature for VR content. It wasn’t perfect, but when Ji-sung touches Na-yeon’s hand in the project, she could feel warmth.

○ Motion Technology
: As Korea’s best motion capture company, they use real-time capture technology to generate a character’s movements and facial expressions easily and quickly. Their technology is used in various fields, including games, movies and VR/AR content.

○ Neosapience
: They use AI technology to provide services that change text into audio or video content. Through deep learning, not only do they provide AI voice services, but also generate voices of people from the past or celebrities. They create voices that are natural, unlike mechanical AI voices that exist.

○ 3D Studio
: 3D scans have been used in various fields, including games, fashion, dramas and commercials. They set up 160 cameras to surround a person from 360 degrees to create a digital character most similar to its model. The digital character is based on photos, so it cannot be distorted and a fairly realistic character is created rather quickly.