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Mom and the Red Bean Cake

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Single mom, Ms. Choi Jeong-mi, is a patient with late-stage gastric cancer. She received the terrible diagnosis of having 2nd stage gastric cancer in July 2007 as a single mom who works as a vendor selling red bean cakes to raise her two children, Choi Eun-seo (8) and Choi Hong-hyeon (6). She had an operation right away and dreamed of a happy future with her kids but the cancer came back and now, she has late stage cancer.

Despite her poor condition wracked by anticancer treatments, she gets up at dawn to prepare the batter for red bean cakes. Enduring the biting wind, she sells the cakes out on the street till 9PM. We aim to take this hard journey with her as she travels this desperate road filled with a mother’s love.

Her Beloved Children

Ms. Choi Jeong-mi walks with a limp as the consequence of polio she contracted in childhood. Despite her disability, she is popular among her acquaintances thanks to her bright and cheerful disposition. She is also a single mom. She had to survive so she worked desperately to make a living. She locks the door of the room she and her children live in when she leaves for work at dawn and puts the children to bed at the back of her truck when she picks up her kids from the daycare center at 7PM. She’s been selling red bean cakes for 5 years now. Thanks to a benefactor, she learned the skills to making red bean cakes and her cakes have been acknowledged for their good taste.

Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer When she visited the hospital in July 2007 for indigestion, she received a horrible diagnosis. She had 2nd stage gastric cancer. On the New Year’s Day of 2009, she cooks rice cake soup with her children in hopes of good tidings for the new year. Although they went to much trouble to prepare their breakfast table in a good cheer, hoping for good lucks to come, she bursts into tears as she watches her children eat their soup. At the sight of their mother crying, Eun- seo and Hong-hyeon burst into tears as well.