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Adventures of Ceratops

썸네일 이미지
  • Director Hong Sang-woon, Kim Hwan-gyun, Lee Dong-hui
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  • Category Documentary
  • Date 2014
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A 100 million years of successful evolution story of Ceratopsian dinosaurs!

In the "Adventures of Ceratops," you will not only see fossils of ‘Koreaceratops hwaseongensis’, but also famous dinosaur fossils excavated from around the world. The discoveries across different continents bring together a picture that explains how ceratopsian dinosaurs have evolved.

A dinosaur extravaganza that is far more sophisticated than any other dinosaur documentary made so far.

Computer-rendered imagery created by ‘Wonder World’, a computer graphics company in the movie business for 10 years with a portfolio of 40 Hollywood movies.

A special story of dinosaurs told through fossils

Including a $3 million fossil that was found on a farm in America, this documentary brings you the stories about other notable dinosaur fossil discoveries from different parts of the world.

A documentary featuring the foremost dinosaur experts

Dr. Lee Yoong-nam, a Korean paleontologist, joins with Dr. Michael J. Ryan, Dr. Philip Currie, Dr. Xu Xing and others in providing clear explanations about dinosaurs to viewers.

Shot in 4K resolution fantastic imagery of the world of dinosaurs!

The Shooting of this documentary takes place in New Zealand, where the terrain closely resembles that from the Cretaceous period. The 4K video cameras offering 4 times the resolution of HD are used to bring vivid and marvelous images of dinosaurs in their habitat.