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Title [Cunning Single Lady] Sweet Date of Lee Min-jeong ♥ Seo Kang-joon
Upate 2014-03-11 10:03

▶ [CUNNING SINGLE LADY] broadcasts every Wed & Thu 22:00

MBC’s new Wed&Thu drama series [CUNNING SINGLE LADY] aired a sweet dating scene of Lee Min-jeong and Seo Kang-joon. Although he is younger than her, they entered the company on a same day and this is how their relationship started.

In the third episode, in order to avenge her ex-husband(Joo Sang-wook) who yelled at her to ’take a hike’, she entered his company, ‘D&T Softventures’ as an intern. Seo Kang-joon is in fact the son of the CEO but he is forced by his father to work as an intern in his company. Thus Lee Min-jeong and Seo Kang-joon entered D&T Softventures at the same time and he is interested in her from the first sight.

Lee Min-jeong ambitiously started her first day but she soon fell into trouble as her lost identity card caused a security accident. She was accused to be the suspect of the accident. That night, Seo Kang-joon found her drinking alone in a cart bar and joined her. In order to cheer her up, he even performed a magic.

Before the shooting, while actor Seo Kang-joon was learning the magic, both Lee Min-jeong and Seo Kang-joon were amazed at it. This night at the cart bar is a very important scene of the drama plot because it will bring them closer heartedly. Director Goh Dong-sun produced a sensitive acting scene where their hands touch while absorbed in magic performance.

While shooting the ‘hands touching’ scene, actor Seo Kang-joon expressed embarrassment by bursting into laughter. Actress Lee Min-jeong advised him by saying, “you should be very thoughtful at this kind of touch because it actually touches the hearts of the girls.”

And while reading the scripts before the shooting, Lee Min-jeong asked Seo Kang-joon “how old are you?” Seo Kang-joon gave his real age and it made staff laugh because actor Seo Kang-joon is 22 years younger than his character. Lee Min-jeong made staff laugh on by waving her hands and say “too young~ too young~”

[CUNNING SINGLE LADY]’s Lee Min-jeong and Seo Kang-joon’s sweet date was broadcasted on March 6th at 22:00.