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Title [Everybody, Kimchi!] All Star Cast Morning Drama
Upate 2014-03-11 09:03

Kim Ji-young ‧ Kim Ho-jin ‧ Cha Hyun-jung ‧ Won Ki-jun

All Star Cast MBC’s New Morning Drama [EVERYBODY, KIMCHI!]

* Broadcasting from April 2014

MBC’s upcoming morning drama [EVERYBODY, KIMCHI!] announced the cast.

[EVERYBODY KIMCHI!] is a story about a woman who devotes her life for kimchi surviving the turbulence of betrayal and frustration. Director Kim Heung-dong and script writer Won Young-ok are teamed again after [Maybe Love], MBC morning drama in 2013.

Actress Kim Ji-young acts a woman who challenges for Kimchi business after she was betrayed by her husband. Actor Kim Ho-jin is acting a secret helper who runs a big farm.

This being the first morning drama for both Kim Ji-young and Kim Ho-jin, they are very ambitious for a new challenge for their career.

Actress Cha Hyun-jung will be a rival to Kim Ji-young. She is acting an executive director of a big enterprise who competes with Kim Ji-young. Actor Won Ki-jun is acting Kim Ji-young’s ex-husband and a lawyer. Both Cha Hyun-jung and Won Ki-jun are strong antagonists to Kim Ji-young.

[EVERYBODY, KIMCHI!] has chosen a unique dramatic theme which will show viewers the different atmosphere than previous morning dramas. One of the staff said, “we are telling the story from ‘kimchi’ and it will be a bright and joyful drama. We are aiming to make it a good drama that brings good morning feelings to start a day.”

[EVERYBODY, KIMCHI!] wills start broadcasting from April 2014 following after [Hold My Hand].