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Title Variety Show [Four Sons and a Daughter] Presenting Family Photo
Upate 2014-02-28 15:02

▶ Broadcast Time : Every Friday 10pm

The ‘Family Picture(?)’ is presented by MBC’s variety show [FOUR SONS AND A DAUGHTER] which broadcasts every Friday at 10pm.

[FOUR SONS AND A DAUGHTER] is a reality show where celebrities join a real family in a countryside and live together as one big family for a few days. Usually small family of an old man his wife are chosen and five celebrities join them as four sons and a daughter. Four sons are, comedian Kim Gura, actor Kim Min-jong, former basketball player Seo Jang-hoon, actor Kim Jae-won and a daughter is actress Lee Ha-nui. Even with many comical situations, this program bring up the precious value of a family.

[FOUR SONS AND A DAUGHTER] has started broadcasting from Jan 3rd, 2014 and the 8th episode will broadcast on Feb 28th. First, the celebrities became the children of an old couple living in Kang-Won-Do, and then they moved to Kyung-Sang-Do’s family and stayed there for five days as their children. These old couples have been living on their own because their own children have moved away to live in the cities. The celebrity team stay in their houses for several days as their children actually calling them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. They help with the household chores where the young hands are needed and share the hearts as real children and old parents. For two months, this program captured the hearts of viewers by presenting both laughter by funny situations and sentiment by showing how a family makes an emotional bond.

The special fun also comes from each characteristics of the celebrities. Comedian Kim Gura has been famous for biting remarks in the studio but since his role in this show is the eldest son, holding back the spiteful remarks, he is almost incompetent which rather brings a laughter. Actor Kim Min-jong’s gentleman image is getting damaged because he keeps making little mistakes when helping the household matters. He is building up his image as a ‘cinderella’ who is abused by the younger ones. Former basketball player Seo Jang-hoon is always surprised at the countryside lifestyle and this made him earn a nickname ‘city bumpkin.’ Actor Kim Jae-won, popular with his attractive smile, shows a great talent in taking care of household chores. He furtively abuses the elder brother Kim Min-jong and earned a nickname ‘sweet devil.’ Lee Ha-nui, the only daughter and the youngest, is bringing the light to the family where there are only dull brothers. Although she is both the winner of the beauty pageant and the actress, she is coping perfectly well with the life in the countryside possessing all the affection of the family as well as the viewers.

In this ‘family photo’, four brothers are walking on a farm in one pose and Lee Ha-nui is waving her hand at the viewers with a bright smile. The photograph is filled with fragrance of countryside: sunlight and soil.

In another photograph, all four brothers and the youngest daughter are sitting side by side in front of the huge iron pot placed outside the kitchen.

MBC’s variety show [FOUR SONS AND A DAUGHTER], broadcasting every Friday 10pm, is presenting the healthy laughter to the viewers.

Produced by Seo Chang-man
Directed by Kang Young-sun, Jo Wook-hyung