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Title [Hotel King] Script Reading with Lee Dong-wook & Lee Da-hae
Upate 2014-02-25 17:02

▶ [Hotel King] broadcasts from March 2014

- Sitting side by side, main cast Lee Dong-wook & Lee Da-hae boasted of fantastic harmony.
- All cast gathered twice for script reading for the perfect preparation before the shooting starts.

MBC’s upcoming weekend drama series [Hotel King] which is already in the center of attention with the cast of Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae, set out first with script reading.

In February, for the script reading, all the cast gathered including director Kim Dae-jin. script writer Jo Eun-jung, actor Lee Dong-wook, actress Lee Da-hae, actor Lee Deok-hwa, and actress Kim Hae-sook. Before the reading started, producer Kim Jin-min greeted everyone by saying, “I am so proud to work with good staff and good script writer. Everything is in your hands.” And director Kim Da-jin said, “I will do my best for my role as a director and most of all, I hope everybody could be happy while working.”

Actor Lee Dong-wook said, “I will put all my efforts to do it ‘well’ instead of working only hard” and actress Lee Da-hae said, “I hardly get tense but now I feel the tension of being here. But I am sure I will gain the confidence in me because all the staff are very supportive.”

Everyone greeted each other and actor Lee Deok-hwa was applauded by saying, “more than the success of the drama, what I am wishing for is that we could all spend safe and good time until the last day of the shooting. And I can promise everyone that I could buy drinks any time.” And actress Kim Hae-sook followed by saying “well then, I will buy the meals.” Everyone laughed.

The script reading followed and it was already a passionate acting scene. Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae sat side by side, showing a harmonious couple after eight years since they had acted together in [My Girl].

As soon as the script reading started, Lee Dong-wook turned into level-headed manager ‘Cha Jae-wan’ acting in a heavy tone in which he seldom acted before. Lee Da-hae’s character has an opposite characteristics from Lee Dong-wook’s. She showed light and joyful acting which often led other staff to laughing. This main couple showed a fantastic harmony nevertheless the opposite feature of their characters.

2PM’s Lim Seulong joined [Hotel King] as an active character ‘Sunwoo Hyun’ and actress Wang Ji-hye is also acting an announcer ‘Song Chae-kyung’. They will be supportive characters in the drama.

Usually script reading takes place only once before the shooting starts but as for [Hotel King], all cast and staff gathered twice to perfect the preparation. The cast are also said to be going through special education for the real hotel service in order to bring the reality to the drama.

[Hotel King] is a love story between an heiress who tries to save her father’s legacy, the one and only seven-star-hotel in the nation, and the hotel manager who becomes an enemy to his own father in order to help her.

[Hotel King] is co-directed by director Kim Dae-jin who has directed [Life is Good], [The Best Day of My Life] and director Jang Joon-ho who has directed [Princess Aurora]. The script is written by Jo Eun-jung who has been writing MBC’s hit dramas including [White Lie], [Feast of Gods].

[Hotel King] will start broadcasting from March 2014 following after [Golden Rainbow].