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Title [The Empress Ki] Rating Records Over 30%
Upate 2014-02-18 17:02

▶ Broadcasting Time : Every Mon & Tue 22:00

MBC’s Mon-Tue drama series [The Empress Ki]’s rating reached 30.9%(TNmS capital region) on Feb 17th recording the highest rating of all the episodes. The nationwide rating was 25.3%.
* Another rating research system, Neilson Korea, announced capital region 29.6% and nationwide 26.5%

[The Empress Ki] has been keeping the top rating of the programs on other channels of the same time since its first broadcasting on Oct 28th(Mon) and finally the rating hit over 30% at episode #30.

In the episode #30 of [The Empress Ki], Seung-nyang(actress Ha Ji-won)’s revenge against Yeon-chul(actor Jeon Kuk-hwan)’s family started first by taking the empress seal and chasing Tanashili(actress Baek Jin-hee) out of the palace. And also, the tearful encountering scene of Wang-yu(actor Joo Jin-mo) and Seung-nyang who has become a concubine captured the hearts of the viewers.

Episode #30, closing with Togon temur(actor Ji Chang-wook) striking back who has long been closed his mouth, brought up the curiosity of the upcoming story. Episode #31 of [The Empress Ki] broadcasts on Feb 18th(Tue) 22:00.