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Title MBC Special Programs for Lunar New Year’s Holiday
Upate 2014-02-03 09:02


1. [2014 Idol Star Sports Championship – Athletics, Archery, Futsal, Curling]

*Air Time : Episode#1 - Jan 30th (Thu) 17:40
                 Episode#2 - Jan 31st (Fri) 17:30

[Idol Star Sports Championship], the exclusive program on MBC is coming back for 2014 with the bigger scale and increased number of sports event including athletics, archery, futsal, and curling. Idol stars compete to win the crown and the fans are ready to encourage and applaud. EXO, Infinite, Beast, 2AM, B1A4, ZE:A, Sistar, Shiny, Tin Top, B.A.P., Block B, Dal Shabet, 9muses... just name any idols and they are all here on the track and field.

Cast : EXO, Infinite, Beast, 2AM, B1A4, ZE:A, Sistar, Shiny, Tin Top, B.A.P, etc
MC : Shin Dong, Kim Sung-joo, Lee Byung-jin, Jun Hyun-moo

2. [Star Lookalikes Contest]
* Air time : Jan 30th (Thu) 20:45

‘There’s a star in me.’ Those who look like stars in faces, characters, voice... are gathered in this arena to compete who is the most lookalike. Some are synchronizing 100% to the real stars and some are less than 10% but they all promise fun competition. [Star Lookalikes Contest] is ready to deliver laughter to the family viewers who are all gathered in front of the livingroom TV.

MC : Lee Jin, Seo Kyung-seok
Panels : Jung Eun-ji, Narsha, Nancy Lang, Jo Hyung-ki, Lee Bong-won,
              Kim Hyun-chul, Sohn Jin-young, Hong Jin-young

3. [Amazing Husband School]
* Air Time : Jan 31st (Fri) 11:15

The special project is coming to ‘remodel’ faulty husbands. The husbands are faulty as ever and the wives are more strict than ever to remodel their husbands. The viewers will be shaking their heads at unbelievable daily life of the faulty husbands and feel sympathy for the wives’ tearful efforts to change them. Among five husbands who is the biggest trouble and who will be the one with the biggest change?

MC : Jun Hyun-moo
Cast : Park Joon-gyu, Lee Chang-hoon, Sohn Nam-mok, Jung Sung-ho, Jung Min Kim Byung-hoo (psychiatrist)


1. [Horse of the Wind]

* Air Time : Feb 1st (Sat) 07:30~9:30

Episode #1 “Han-Hyeol-Ma”

2014 is the year of ‘Horse’ and MBC is opening the New Year with two episode documentary [Horse of the Wind]. The first episode is on ‘Han-Hyul-Ma’, an excellent legendary steed that ran 400km a day during Chinese Han time. The name ‘Han Hyul Ma’ means ‘sweat like blood.’ The documentary brings back the most excellent steed of the history through computer graphics. The traces found in Korea are tracked and this also reveals the root of Korean Jeju Horse.

Episode #2 “Oh-Chun-Bok Horse”

Horses sacrifice for the humankind. Episode #2 followed a beautiful bond between horses and men. In Kyrgyzstan, still the horses are the important tools for the living. The documentary team followed the nomads in Kyrgyzstan and captured the beautiful communion between horses and men.

Cast : Song Il-gook
Narration : Ha Ji-won

2. [Ceratopsia, Surviving for 100 Million Years]
* Air Time : Episode #1 – Jan 27th (Mon) 23:15
                  Episode #2 – Feb 3rd (Mon) 23:15

Dinosaurs have been recording a great history of evolution as the owners of the earth before the appearance of the mankind. This year, Ceratopsia are coming. For the first time in TV history, MBC documentary tracks Ceratopsia’s secret how they evolved and survived against gigantic carnivorous dinosaurs for as long as one hundred million years. The dinosaur experts also appear to support the documentary : Dr. Lee Yuong-nam from Korea / internationally recognized Dr. Michael Ryan, the specialist in Ceratopsia / Dr. Susing, the expert of Asian Ceratopsia / Dr. Philip Currie, the professional for gigantic carnivorous dinosaurs.

Cast : Sam Hammington
Narration : Heo Il-woo