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Title [Miss Korea] Lee Yeon-hee attracts male viewers making a new fandom group
Upate 2014-01-08 14:01

● [Miss Korea] broadcasts every Wed & Thu at 22:00

While MBC’s Wed & Thu mini-series [Miss Korea]’s rating is in the rise, the research shows the audience share is especially high among the male viewers of the age from 30s to 40s. Usually the drama rating is the highest among the female viewers age between 30s and 50s but in this case, [Miss Korea] is bringing the male viewers of 30s to 40s to the TV screens.

For episodes #1 to #6 of [Miss Korea], the audience share was the highest among males in 40s(according to TNmS capital) recording as high as 16.5%. Especially for episode #6, the highest audience share was 23.6% and it was from the males of 30s.

It is indeed Lee Yeon-hee’s attraction that gathers male viewers in front of the TV screens no matter that they are the age group who seldom watch drama series. The male viewers also tend to sympathize with the male characters of [Miss Korea] such as actor Lee Sun-gyun and Lee Sung-min, the characters who are experiencing trouble caused by economic problems.

Lee Yeon-hee is acting an elevator girl who is picked up to challenge for the national beauty pageant. She is broadening the field of her acting and drama viewers are excited to discover the new images of her. In the drama, the chairwoman of the beauty parlor, actress Lee Mi-sook, is sculpting Lee Yeon-hee’s attraction to win the crown of the pageant targeting the hearts of the men nationwide. As such, actress Lee Yeon-hee is appealing to the male viewers attracting them to the TV screens.

Another reason why male viewers are gathering in front of the drama [Miss Korea] is because the drama is set in the year 1997. This is the time when the male viewers of 30-40s were in their 10-20s. Thus the setting and the story of the drama bring back the memories and nostalgia of their younger days. The story of [Miss Korea] is both sympathetic and nostalgic, and this is how it attracts the male viewers who seldom watch TV drama series.

MBC’s new drama series [Miss Korea] is making a new group of fandom. And soon the love story between Lee Yeon-hee and Lee Sun-gyun will lead on to make it a warm drama embracing the viewers of all generation.

One of the production staff said, “following after Lee Yeon-hee, now it is Lee Sun-gyun’s turn to emit his attraction as the love story between the couple develops. As well as the male viewers who have fallen for Lee Yeon-hee, the female viewers will now fall for Lee Sun-gyun. They won’t be able to take their eyes off him with his sweet voice and appealing eyes.”

In the previous episode, Lee Yeon-hee refused to go through plastic surgery leaving the viewers curious how she will challenge to win the crown of the beauty pageant, to become ‘Miss Korea’.