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Title [Miss Korea] Four Key Points to Enjoy!
Upate 2013-12-23 15:12

First Episode broadcasting from Dec 18th(Wed) 22:00

Here are four key points to enjoy MBC’s new drama series [Miss Korea]

[1] Producer Kwon Seok-jang, the best producer of romantic comedy has come back.

The best romantic comedy producer, Kwon Seok-jang’ has come back with the script writer Seo Sook-hyang after three years they had successfully produced [Pasta] in 2010. MBC drama [Pasta], a sensitive romantic comedy of an arrogant chef and a novice cook, was loved very much by the drama lovers. Lee Sun-gyun who had acted an arrogant chef in [Pasta] is also back as the main hero of [Miss Korea]. Thus drama lovers are expecting another sweet romantic comedy after [Pasta].

Drama music is produced by ‘Every Single Day’, a popular music producer team and they are ready to capture the ears as well as the eyes of the drama lovers. Music producer ‘Every Single Day’ has a huge fandom always presenting stylish music that becomes well with the visual scenes. Now they are ready to attract the viewers of [Miss Korea].

[2] The Year 1997’s set brings back nostalgia

2013 Korea’s one of the cultural key word is ‘nostalgia.’ [Miss Korea]’s back ground is set in 1997, the time when the nation’s economy was under recession. On such back ground, the story tells of a love between an inelegant girl and a ‘macho elite’ man. With his help and support, she will be born again as a ‘Miss Korea’ through a beauty pageant.

The year 1997 for Korea was an IMF era, the time when unforgettable severe blizzard blew to all the people and this was the time when everyone volunteered to give away their personal golds to help the nation. It was also the time when all the family gathered in front of the TV to watch the annual beauty pageant to choose one lucky girl as a ‘Miss Korea.’ The drama [Miss Korea] will bring back the nostalgic memories for the elderly viewers and the younger viewers will gather new thoughts on a beauty pageant.

[3] Lovely Couple ‘Lee Yeon-hee ♥ Lee Sun-gyun’

While Lee Sun-gyun manages to make Lee Yeon-hee win the crown of ‘Miss Korea’ in order to save his cosmetic company from a bankruptcy, a sweet romance will be born to make viewers’ hearts tremble. Their relationship goes way back to the past when she was the prettiest girl in the neighborhood during their highschool days.

Lee Yeon-hee’s character ‘Oh Ji-young, the elevator girl’ whose attitude and thoughts are far from high class is not only a girl with the prettiest face but has an unpredictable attraction. Actress Lee Yeon-hee has been building up her image as a naive girl in her previous dramas but she is now ready to show unexpectedly new image as a bald and mean girl who cannot endure the injustice and very inelegant.

Meanwhile actor Lee Sun-gyun is acting a so-called ‘macho elite’ who must make Oh Ji-young the Miss Korea in order to survive 1997 Korea which is so severe like a war. At first he disdains Oh Ji-young’s inelegance and he did not care at all to make her participate for the beauty pageant because she is not his girl anyway. But he will soon fall madly in love with her and it will ignite the fire to the drama lovers’ cold winter nights.

[4] The Beauty Tip - Anybody can Win Beauty Pageant Crown

The drama [Miss Korea] will pour out the beauty tips which are gathered from real advices from the professional managers and management companies that have been successful in beauty pageants as well as from Miss Korea Crown Winners in the past. These beauty tips are made of core information which have not been exposed ever before but very easy to apply in everyday life.

MBC’s new drama [Miss Korea] starring Lee Yeon-hee and Lee Sun-gyun is broadcasting from Dec 18th(Wed) 22:00.