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Title [Miss Korea] Lee Yeon-hee Reaches Out for the Crown
Upate 2013-12-17 11:12

* MBC’s new drama series [Miss Korea] is broadcasting from December 18th(Wed).

* Actress Lee Yeon-hee turned perfectly into an elevator girl, Ji-young, from the very day of the crank in. Ji-young is a girl of charisma and justice.

Ji-young, the main character of MBC’s new drama series [Miss Korea], was the best-looking girl in her neighborhood but after graduating the highschool, she chose her job to be an elevator girl enduring all kinds of irrationality of the society.

The first shooting took place in MBC Dream Center, the digital production center. For this day’s shooting, Lee Yeon-hee was with actresses Kim Yae-won and Yoo Eun-ho who are her colleague elevator girls and with actress Jang Young-won, the manager who always pulls her leg.

Lee Yeon-hee arrived to the location ahead of her time, greeted all the staff with a bright smile trying to adjust to the location of the new drama shooting. She warmed up the temperature of the winter freezing location.

Actress Lee Yeon-hee has been building up her image as a naive girl in her previous dramas but in [Miss Korea], she is changing her image as a tough elevator girl who likes to fight for the justice. From the first day of shooting, she overwhelmed the site emanating the charisma while trying to save her colleague girls from a trouble.

Being it the first shooting, Lee Yeon-hee also looked a bit tensed but as she started checking the monitor, she became absorbed in her character. She put much effort in her acting by closely discussing her action with the director and she was so passionate to examine every movement of herself via monitor.

MBC’s new drama series [Miss Korea] is a romantic comedy of an elevator girl who has been the best looking girl in the neighborhood. A cosmetic company, on the verge of bankruptcy, chooses this girl, promote her, and tries desperately to make her win the crown of ‘miss Korea’ in order to survive the bankruptcy.

The main cast is actress Lee Yeon-hee and actor Lee Sun-gyun with production staff and team who has produced MBC’s romantic comedy [Pasta] in 2010.