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Title [Golden Rainbow] Key Points to Enjoy the Drama
Upate 2013-11-12 16:11

Here are the key points to fully enjoy MBC’s new drama series [Golden Rainbow], the seven colored drama for the healing of the heart.

* [Golden Rainbow] starts broadcasting from November 2nd(Sat) 21:55

[Golden Rainbow] is a story about seven youth who are brought together under one roof by the fate. The drama is already in talks because the script writer is Sohn Young-mok who has made a big hit with MBC’s [May Queen] and the director is Kang Dae-sun who has directed ever so popular [My Princess] and [I Do I Do], also broadcasted on MBC.

Here are the key points to fully enjoy [Golden Rainbow].

▶ Flawless acting of the children actors and actresses

The beginning episodes of [Golden Rainbow] is of talented children stars including Kim Yoo-jung. Kim Yoo-jung has overwhelmed the drama viewers with her outstanding acting in [May Queen] and here she goes again! Director Kang Dae-sun said “while working with the children stars, I felt my heart being healed with their innocence. I hope I could share this feeling with the viewers.”

▶ All star cast

For the grown-up episodes, it is ‘all star cast’ full of outstanding stars. Including actor Kim Sang-joong who is coming back to MBC drama after 16 years, Park Won-sook, Cho Min-ki, Doh Ji-won, Anh Nae-sang, Ji Soo-won... all the professional actors and actresses shine with their existence in the drama. Park Won-sook has recently made a big hit with her acting ‘a cruel mother-in-law’ in [A 100 Year Legacy]. Cho Min-ki and Doh Ji-won recently had a hard time acting under the sprinkler truck but their acting was very stable and rigid under the fake storm which made all the staff applaud.

▶ Another legend for MBC’s weekend drama series

MBC has been making legendary popularity for the weekend drama series slot with [May Queen], [A 100 Year Legacy], [Scandal: a Shocking and Wrongful Incident] and [Golden Rainbow] is expected to lead on this legendary success. [Golden Rainbow] is another drama where [May Queen]’s staff are gathered again: script writer Sohn Young-mok, actor Anh Nae-sang and child actress Kim Yoo-jung. Also, Actor Kim Sang-joong said that he is more than satisfaction with his own character made up by script writer Sohn Young-mok. Another masterpiece of MBC weekend drama is expected to be born.

MBC’s new [Golden Rainbow], seven colored drama for the healing, starts broadcasting from November 2nd(Sat) 21:55.

Planned by Choi Won-seok
Produced by May Queen Pictures
Script written by Sohn Young-mok, Cha Yi-young
Directed by Kang Dae-sun, Lee Jae-jin