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Title [Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers] Ha Ji-won’s Charismatic Posters
Upate 2013-10-22 16:10

BROADCASTING from Oct 28th(Mon) 22:00

MBC’s new Mon-Tue drama series [Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers] is introducing the posters with Ha Ji-won, the main actress.

In the posters, Ha Ji-won’s arrogant charisma attracts the viewers heightening up the expectations to the drama.

In the studio where the photo shooting was taken, Ha Ji-won expressed perfectly the strength behind the grace. She was holding a knife in one hand but her face expression was hard to read. In the second poster with a phrase ‘flower blooming most beautifully in the highest’, she emits a fascinating attraction just like the phrase itself.

In the studio was a big fan to make red cloth fly and wave making it difficult to hold the cloth and stable the pose confronting the big wind. However Ha Ji-won managed to do her best to shoot the best pictures and all the staffs at the location applauded her performance.

The ‘50eps x 60min’ costume drama series [Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers] is depicting love and battle of a woman in Goryeo Dynasty who becomes the conqueror of Yuan Empire. The script is written by the acknowledged script writers, Jang Young-cheol and Jung Kyung-soon who have written [Dae Jo Yeong], [Giant] and [History of a Salaryman].

MBC’s new Mon-Tue Special Drama Series [Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers] starring Ha Ji-won, Joo Jin-mo, Ji Chang-wook, Baek Jin-hee, Kim Seo-hyeong, Lee Moon-sik, Kim Young-ho, Jeong Woong-in, Kwon Oh-joong, Kim Jung-hyun, Jin Yi-han, Yoon Ah-jung is broadcasting from Oct 28th(Mon) 22:00.