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Title MBC New Drama [Drama Festival-Surviving in Africa]
Upate 2013-09-11 11:09
MBC New Drama [Drama Festival-Surviving in Africa]
Actress Yoo Sun stars as a mom who once was the leader of school bully

* [MBC Drama Festival] will start broadcasting from coming autumn this year.

Actress Yoo Sun is starring MBC’s new coming up drama [Drama Festival–Surviving in Africa] written by Kim Hyun-kyung and directed by Kim Ho-young.

[Drama Festival–Surviving in Africa] is about a daughter and her mom encountering after 10 years of separation. The daughter is pestered by the group of other students in the class whereas her mother has been the leader of the school bully during her school days. Through their encounter, the drama tries to tell what is the most precious value of life : confidence in oneself.

In this drama, Yoo Sun is acting Kang Min-joo, an ‘international rescue activist’ who once had been the leader of school bully. She comes to find her daughter who was separated 10 years ago. She sees that her daughter is being bullied by other students in her class. She tries to support her daughter behind her back and helps her grow up and mature.

Recently, actress Yoo Sun has announced that she has been pregnant for 4 months. This made her worry a lot before accepting to act in this drama. She said, “while school bully and violence in campus becoming the hot issue of our current society, I agreed strongly with the point of drama depicting the wise reaction and protection of a mother. This made me accept the role.”

She also said, “the script is very well written and I will try my best to carry the touching impression I have received from the script. The staffs are very thoughtful and caring for my pregnancy so that I don’t get too tired on shooting locations. I really appreciate it and I am very gratified.” MBC’s new drama [Drama Festival] will start airing from coming autumn 2013.