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Title [Scandal] Grown-up Episodes Start
Upate 2013-07-18 17:07

[Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident] broadcasts every Sat & Sun from 21:55

The grown-up stars will first appear from episode#5 of the drama [Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident] airing on July 13th(Sat). The grown-up stars are Kim Jae-won, Jo Yoon-hee, Ki Tae-young, Kim Kyu-ri, Park Jung-chul and Han Gru.

Kim Jae-won is acting the kidnapped son by Jo Jae-hyun. He has become a policeman. He will present fierce action scenes from the first appearance. By this powerful manly action, Kim Jae-won is showing a totally different character he has been acting so far in previous dramas.

Jo Yoon-hee is acting a pure and naive woman who is selling instant cup-rice in a portable carriage on the street. But she is an ambitious woman who is preparing to pass the bar exam. Kim Jae-wong and Jo Yoon-hee’s first encounter is a strong one and they will be building up the special relationship.

Ki Tae-young is acting the boy from an orphanage who was adopted by Shin Eun-kyung in episode#4. Hiding the complication of her life, Shin Eun-kyung adopted him as her son raised him by her revenging rage and sympathy. While growing up, he was always sad with his step-mother’s coldness unlike his father’s limitless trust in him. Ki Tae-young first appears as the successful lawyer.

Kim Kyu-ri is acting Jang Joo-ha, the daughter of Park Sang-min and Kim Hye-ri. Her mother raised her strong like a boy in order for her to be the successor of her father’s legacy. Kim Kyu-ri will appear as an attractive career woman who has become the director general of his father’s construction company.

Park Jung-chul will act the ambitious fiance of Kim Kyu-ri and Han Gru will act younger sister of Kim Jae-won and a new coming lawyer.

One staff of [Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident] said, “from episode#5, we are going to tell the story of scarred characters how they have endured the life, sometimes hating each other and sometimes relying on each other. We will be telling a wide range of story covering injustice of society, meaning of a family, entangled loving relationship... I hope the viewers enjoy the drama.”

MBC’s weekend drama series [Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident] broadcasts every Sat & Sun from 21:55.

Planned by Kim Sang-ho
Directed by Kim jin-man, Park Jae-beom