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Title [Princess Aurora] Recording the Top Rating
Upate 2013-07-09 17:07

* [Princess Aurora] broadcasts at 19:15 from Monday to Friday.

MBC’s daily evening drama [Princess Aurora]’s eps#31 broadcasted on July 2nd(Tue) recorded the top rating of the whole episodes with 14.1%(TNmS capital region).

The highest rating so far has been 12.1% and on July 2nd, this record broke as the rating went up as high as 2points to 14.1%. TNmS’s nationwide rating was 12.2% and for Nielson Korea, capital region was 14.9% and nationwide 13.8%.

In this episode #31, Hae-gi(acted by Kim Sae-min) requested Laura(acted by Jun So-min) an awkward acting during the shooting. Laura could not take it any more and complained to Eun-ah(acted by Kim Hee-jung). Hae-gi, not happy about this, became violent and a fierce war between them was previewed for the coming episodes.

On the MBC bulletin board, the viewers left messages as such : “Watching [Princess Aurora] is one of my happy moments of the day”(ID:1386****), “I keep checking the preview clips”(ID:ssh20****), etc. The viewers’attention and expectation to [Princess Aurora] keeps building up. [Princess Aurora], keeping up with the highest rating of the simultaneous time and of the previous episodes, is being broadcasted at 19:15 from Monday to Friday.