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Title [Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident] Posters indicating the complication of the relationship
Upate 2013-06-27 13:06

▶ First episode broadcasts at 21:55 on June 29th(Sat)

MBC’s new drama series [Scandal: a Shocking and Wrongful Incident](written by Bae Yoo-mi / directed by Kim Jin-man, Park Jae-beom) reveals the brand new posters indicating the complicated relationships among the characters and the intense atmosphere of the drama.

In poster #1, 8 characters, each with unique personality and different personal stories, are staring to the front. Jo Jae-hyun(acting Ha Myung-geun) kidnaps the son of the killer who killed his own son. Kim Jae-won(acting Ha Eun-joong), with sad eyes, is agonizing between two fathers’truth and morality. Park Sang-min(acting Jang Tae-ha) is rushing toward only his ambition and Shin Eun-kyung(acting Yoon Hwa-young) yearns all her life for her lost son. The poster holds all these stories in each different look of the characters.


Kim Jae-won(acting Ha Eun-joong) is agonizing between the father who has kidnapped him but raised him heartfully and a biological father but who is full of evil deeds. Especially the strong copyright of the poster that reads ‘I was kidnapped by my father’grabs the attention of the curious viewers.

POSTER #3 & #4
Poster #3 and #4 express the relationships of triangle romance of elderly and young generation. Poster #3, in parents’generation, Park Sang-min(acting Jang Tae-ha) and Goh Joo-ran(acting Kim Hae-ri) are expressing the secret affection whereas Shin Eun-kyung(acting Yoon Hwa-young) is isolated. But Shin Eun-kyung’s strong look in her eyes shows the resolution that she will not be defeated by her isolation.

In this poster, each character is looking where his or her heart goes but they are all looking at different directions. Two men, Kim Jae-won(acting Ha Eun-joong) and Ki Tae-young(acting Jang Eun-joong) are both looking at Jo Yoon-hee whereas she is not looking back at them. Her trembling eyes are lost somewhere in the air above the men. Their entangled eyes foretell the love triangle.

[Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident] is a story of revenge, scar, and restoration starring Jo Jae-hyun, Kim Jae-won, Shin Eun-kyung, Ki Tae-young, Kim Hye-ri, Kim Kyu-ri, Han Gru, etc. The first episode airs at 21:55 on June 29th(Sat).

Produced by Kim Sang-ho
Written by Bae Yoo-mi
Produced by Kim Jin-man, Park Jae-beom