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Title [Queen's Class] 4 posters of the ‘Queen’and her students are revealed.
Upate 2013-06-04 14:06

*First episode airing from June 12th(Wed) 10pm

This is the special education for the humble kids of your kind. If you can not change it, survive it!

4 kinds of posters for the new MBC drama [Queen's Class] have been revealed. This new Wed-Thu drama will start airing on MBC channel from June 12th(Wed) 10pm.

On the posters are the images of the ‘Queen’conquering the class and her students rebelling against her.

Poster #1 and #2 depict Mah Yeon-jin, the teacher, the main character. Poster #1 shows several images of Mah Yeon-jin but they are all with the cold eyes. Actress Ko Hyun-jung expresses the untouchable fatal attraction of Mah Yeo-jin in black suit and white blouse covering up to her chin and a neat hair without one strand out of place.

Poster #2 also shows the strong charisma of Mah Yeo-jin standing in front of the school building. The promotional copy reads ‘this is the special education for your humble kinds. If you can not change it, survive it!’emitting the dreary aura.

Poster #3 shows an image of a bird cage that implies the class. It shows the tension between the students locked up in the bird cage trying to get out and Mah Yeo-jin who looks right into the camera as if she does not care at all. Kim Hyang-gi is grabbing the cage bar with her face full of complaint and Chun Boh-geun has escaped the cage. Seo Shin-ae is whispering into Mah Yeo-jin’s ears.

Poster #4 is of the students who rebel against Mah Yeo-jin. They are not giving in to such incomprehensible ways of her education. Sometimes they will betray each other, sometimes they will cooperate each other... they will finally come to understand the true reality to form their new view of the world.

[Queen's Class] is a drama series about a conquering teacher, Mah Yeo-jin and her elementary students who rebel against her. The drama will start airing on MBC channel from June 12th(Wed) 10pm.

Produced by Kim Jin-min
Written by Kim Won-seok, Kim Eun-hee
Directed by Lee Dong-yoon