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Title [Pots of Gold](working title) MBC’s New Weekend Drama
Upate 2013-04-16 14:04

*MBC broadcasts [Pots of Gold](working title) at 20:40 from April 6th, 2013.

Written by : Ha Chung-ock
Directed by : Lee Hyung-sun, Choi Eun-kyung
Cast : Han Ji-hae, Yeon Jung-hoon, Lee Soo-kyung, Lee Tae-sung, Baek Jin-hee, Park Seo-joon, Kim Hyung-joon



Middle Class... a word that has a comforting aura.
However, middle class people are always dreaming to step up to the high society thus ‘Middle Class’can anytime be unstable.
This drama depicts the characters from middle class those who are often walking on the vain cloud trying constantly to step up and those who are keeping the compasses of happiness rigidly in the center of their heart.
Through various characters searching for the happiness with their own compasses in hearts, this drama will question about the true happiness of life.



★ Jung Mong-hee (actress Han Ji-hae)

Age 30. She has dreamed to be a jewel designer but in realiry, she is now selling cheap jewelry on the street.
Under the burning sun, in the freezing breeze, she has to sell jewelry and earn money in order to take care of her brothers and sisters because she is the eldest daughter of the family.
One sudden day, she experiences what Cinderella might have experienced once in a lifetime. A man, showing her a picture of a woman who very much looks like herself, suggests that he will pay 100,000won per hour if she acts in her shoes.
Mong-hee is an honest character who feels uncomfortable deceiving other people. But she makes up her mind to accept the offer since it does not hurt anybody. And she could not refuse the reward money either. She is given a chance to act a ‘fair lady’and she decides to accept it as a challenge she comes across once in her lifetime.

★ Park Hyun-soo (actor Yeon Jung-hoon)
Age 34. Employee of a jewelry company.
He is the eldest son of Mr. Soon-sang Park, the owner of the company. He is the only son of Mr. Park’s first wife. But because his mother had left him for another man, he was never loved by his father. He marries a woman out of love but whom his father wanted him to. The marriage life is a difficult one and his wife runs away from him not letting any one know where she is.
In search of his wife, he is so shocked to encounter Mong-hee who exactly looks like his runaway wife.

★ Jung Mong-hyun (actress Baek Jin-hee)

Age 25. Mong-hee’s younger sister.
She has been dreaming to marry a rich man. She marries a man although she know that he has someone else in his heart only because he is from a rich family who owns a jewelry company. She is trying to grab the heart of her husband because divorce is the last thing she wanted. She even meets her husband’s lover and tries to get rid of her.

★ Jung Mong-gyu (actor Kim Hyung-joon)
Age 27. Mong-hee’s younger brother.
His mother advices him that he’d better stay in the university if he can not get a fancy job. Therefore he, as old as age 27, is still jobless. He is still dependent of his parents economically and mentally. These kind of young peoples’group is called ‘Kangaroo Group’who never have thoughts to stand on their own.

★ Yoon Shim-deok (actress Choi Myung-gil)
Age 57. Mong-hee’s mother. Manager of a jewelry shop.
She has worked in the jewelry shop for all her life but she could never earn enough to buy any diamond for her own. She has seen and met rich people all her life but she could never step up out of a middle class life herself. She can only dream to be one of them.

★ Jung Byung-hoo (actor Gil Yong-woo)
Age 50s. Mong-hee’s father.
He has devoted all his life earning money for the family in a small company but the day comes for him to retire. There has been nothing in his life than earning money for the family but all the family members take it just for granted that he has done nothing more than what all fathers are doing. He shows a sympathetic father figure.

★ Park Hyun-joon (actor Lee Tae-sung)

Age 31. Second son of CEO Park.
Although his mother, Deok-hee, is not the first wife who is lawfully registered, her role in the family has been as important as the first wife. Even though he is not the son of the first wife, he is more loved by his father than his step-brother Hyun-soo. He has never stood up against his father, he has married a woman whom his father introduced to him, and he takes a good care of his family. He was both a reliable son and a reliable husband. But there happens an incident that pushes his rigid life into a chaos all of a sudden.

★ Sung-eun (actress Lee Soo-kyung)
Age 30. Hyun-joon’s wife. Top jewelry designer.
She is a shiny lady who hides her clever brain behind her generous smile. She is loved by his husband and her family-in-law and she is also a respected jewelry designer in the company. When she was a university student, she has stolen Mong-hee’s boyfriend. However she even dumped him to marry a richer man, Hyun-joon. She has nothing to be envy of. She accidentally encounters Mong-hee in a family party. Mong-hee is surprised to see Sung-eun and Sung-eun thinks Mong-hee has married Hyun-soo.

★ Park Soon-sang (actor Han Jin-hee)
Age 65. Hyun-soo’s father. Owner of a jewelry company.
He succeeded a small jewelry shop from his father and raised it to a big enterprise. He has a born talent in doing business. He has been a playboy in his younger days and he has sons from two women.