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Title [Kang Chi, the Beginning] Attractions to Catch!
Upate 2013-04-11 15:04

[Kang Chi, the Beginning] Attractions to Catch!

Broadcasts at 21:55 from April 8th, 2013

New type of Fantasy Costume Drama is Coming for Satisfaction of Eyes and Ears.

MBC’s new drama series, bringing the fresh wind to Monday and Tuesday evening, [Kang Chi, the Beginning] wide opens its story from April 8th, 2013.

[Kang Chi, the Beginning] is a spectacular martial arts costume drama of a ‘half-man and half-beast’(Kang Chi) who is struggling to become human Although he cannot turn totally into a human, at least he struggles to live a life like a human. And through the process of his struggle, he finds the true ego and the preciousness of humanity.
Here are five points to enjoy [Kang Chi, the Beginning].

★ No.1. Brand new fancy grouping!
Director Shin Woo-chul ‘director of sensation’and script writer Kang Eun-kyung ‘master of authenticity’have grouped!

Writer Kang Eun-kyung has an eye on keen authenticity of humanity as shown in her previous dramas: [Hotelier], [Glass Shoes], [Bread, Love, and Dreams]...etc. Director Shin Woo-chul is popular with his sensational directing shwon in his previous dramas such as [On Air], [Secret Garden], [Gentleman’s Dignity]...etc. And both of them have gathered for MBC’s new drama series [Kang Chi, the Beginning]. Writer Kang Eun-kyung is making up attractive characters in a gripping plot and director Shin Woo-chul is ready to capture every sensitive acting and expression of every character. They are ready to bring another drama syndrome.

★ No.2. Ecstatic rendez-vous of the main couple!
Lee Seung-gi, singer and actor gripping both stages and screens meet Suzy, the ‘first love’of all the male viewers.

Drama lovers are especially focusing on actor Lee Seung-gi and actress Suzy‘s rendezvous in [Kang Chi, the Beginning]. They are already showing a great team work and they both have good expectation to act in the costume drama. Lee Seung-gi started his career as a singer and he also has been acting in many high rating dramas such as [Great Expectation], [The King 2 Hearts] and many other entertainment shows. Suzy has also been very successful in her film [Architecture 101] where she has become the ’first love’of all the male viewers. Coupling of these two stars is in the center of drama lovers’attention.

★ NO.3 “Harmony of powerful actors and actresses!”

Fantastic cast: Lee Sung-jae, Cho Sung-ha, Jung Hae-young, Yoo Yeon-seok, Lee Yoo-bi

These professional actors and actresses are adding the power to [Kang Chi, the Beginning]. Lee Sung-jae will act the most evil character no one has ever seen before and Cho Sung-ha’s sincere act will bring the weight to the drama. Jung Hae-young will attract the viewers by acting a gisaeng with outstanding talent in both literature and entertainment. Yoo Yeon-seok will act a turbulent character who will turn into an enemy from a friend because of a small misunderstanding and Lee Yoo-bi will act a daughter of a noble family who has both brain and looks.

★ NO.4 “Fantasy becomes real!”

Fantasies have come to real! Korea’s most cutting edge technology is here! Using all the leading technology and special effects, [Kang Chi, the Beginning] is showing the most fantastic graphics of a fantasy costume drama. Using this special camera for the very first time which was never used before in any TV or film industry, the picture quality will be brought up as much as 4 times better than any other picture quality introduced before. And to express the ‘half-man and half-beast’figure of Kang-Chi, the best computer graphic team have gathered to express where the camera is limited. With the help of these most outstanding technology, the fantasy has become real. Drama lovers are curious what kinds of pictures they will be seeing by the gatherings of the most professional and cutting-edge technology.

★ NO.5 “Unique and fresh plot!”

With such a unique plot of ‘half-man and half-beast’, [Kang Chi, the Beginning] will bring both entertainment and lessons at the same time. A ‘half-man and half-beast’and other dietys looking after ‘mountain Chi-Ri’are very unique characters to lead the costume drama. And the drama keeps asking “What does a human live on? What is it to live like a human?“This sophisticated question will be answered by the eyes of Kang Chi, a half-man and half-beast, who desperately wants to become a human. The viewers will be entertained and moved much through a fantastic action and melo scenes that were only possible in an imagination so far, but now spread on TV screen with this drama [Kang Chi, the Beginning].