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Title [Hur Jun, the Original Story], script reading of MBC’s new drama series
Upate 2013-03-07 16:03
[Hur Jun, the Original Story], script reading of MBC’s new drama series
March 2013

For MBC’s new drama series [Hur Jun, the Original Story], lined up to broadcast from March 2013, all the staff and cast members gathered on Feb 16th for script reading. On this day, there gathered all the staff including script writer Choi Wan-kyu and director Kim Keun-hong and all the cast members including Kim Joo-hyuk, Park Jin-hee, Park Eun-bin, Nam Goong-min, Goh Doo-shim and other 60 members. Prior to the script reading, director Kim Keun-hong introduced each member giving out the chance to get to know each other. His effort worked as an ice breaking among the staff and cast members who met for the first time.

Among the members, there were cast who had been chosen through the blind audition. Director Kim Keun-hong said, “during the audition, what I have counted the most was personality and attitude. I had searched for the people who could cope with professional actors and actresses with passion and joy.” The audition winners introduced themselves with dashing voices and the senior staff welcomed them with a big applaud.

When the reading started, director Kim explained the historical setting of the drama to the staff. “This was the time when discrimination of the social status was very heavy. Each of you have to read your own character on this hierarchic basis. And you do not have to express the weight only because this is a costume drama. Please don’t go extreme in the way of speaking, make-ups.... everything should be natural.”

Unlike [Legendary Doctor Hur Jun], the drama series which MBC produced and aired in 1999, [Hur Jun, the Original Story] is starting from Hur Jun’s childhood. Hur Jun was born from a concubine and his childhood yearning for father’s love will bring up the emotion from the hearts of the viewers.

Goh Doo-shim, the professional actress who is acting Hur Jun’s mother, expressed her sympathetic love to her son that was melted in her words. Especially when she was reading the script where she called out her son’s name when he has disappeared, her desperate voice filled the reading room which made all the staff solemn. No one could deny that she is professionally the top actress.

Kang Yi-seok is acting Hur Jun’s childhood step-brother and his charismatic acting was amazing nevertheless of his young age. It was so realistic how he expressed his rage from the sense of inferiority he felt against his step-brother, Hur Jun. The senior actors and actresses all raised two thumbs up to his acting.

Senior actors and actresses tried to make atmosphere cheerful by personally praising young and new cast who could be nervous during the first script reading. Seniors also gave them warm and detailed advices on vocalization, pronunciation, respiration, and other skills for the advanced acting.

MBC’s new drama series [Hur Jun, the Original Story] is a story about a respectful legendary doctor Hur Jun in Chosun Dynasty(the 17th century), whose life is held in high esteem. His love of human kind and achievement in medical science is immortal through his book [Donguibogam(Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine)]. The cast are Kim Joo-hyuk(Hur Jun), Park Jin-hee(Yae Jin), Park Eun-bin(Da Hee), Nam Goong-min(Yoo Do-ji), Goh Doo-shim(Mrs. Sohn), Kim Mi-sook(Mrs. Oh), Lee Jae-yong(Kim Min-sae), Choi Jong-hwan(Yang Yae-soo) and many. [Hur Jun, the Original Story] will start airing from mid March on MBC.