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Title [Level 7 Civil Servant] Episode #2 rating rises to 16.9%
Upate 2013-01-25 17:01
[Level 7 Civil Servant] Episode #2 rating rises to 16.9%
January 2013

MBC broadcasts every Wed&Thu 21:55~

MBC’s new drama series [Level 7 Civil Servant]’s second episode’s rating rose up to 16.9%(Nielson/capital region) on Jan 24th, marking the top rating among the programs on the equal time. As much as 2.3% has risen from the episode #1 which was broadcasted the day before. Thus [Level 7 Civil Servant]’s rating has securely risen to the top already with the second episode among the Wed&Thu drama series of the other channels.

Episode #2 of [Level 7 Civil Servant] depicted the first day of the new apprentices gathering to the training institution of the National Intelligence Service. Kang-hee and JOO Won re-encounter on this bus after they had turned backs against each other at the end of the disastrous blind-date. They start quarrelling again on the bus which causes the trouble to the whole group of apprentices.

Meanwhile, Chan-sung has been suffering from a trauma, a nightmare which has been haunting him from his past experience of having served in the special forces. He had been shot by a young rebel girl whom he could not shoot back. Chan-sung’s tearful acting of holding back the fire left a huge impression to the viewers.

These are the notes left on MBC’s Drama Web-sight’‘s bulletin board right after the second episode ended. “The drama is still in the beginning but all the actors and actresses are acting so well. This drama will be a big hit!”, “JOO-won’s larky character is so cute! This actor is ready for any types of a character“, ”I could not stop belly laughing the whole hour because of JOO-Won. He is so funny! He matches well with Kang-hee, too. This drama will be a good success.“, ”I almost felt a shudder watching Chan-sung acting his flash back scenes.“ The bulletin board was full of praises.

On the third episode which will go on air on Jan 30th, the apprentices will start the regular training. And the preview where Kang-hee and JOO Won are dressed in a lovely evening gown and a dandy tuxedo is arousing the curiosity of the viewers.

[Level 7 Civil Servant] is a romantic comedy of a sweet and funny couple who are working in the National Intelligence Service. MBC broadcasts it every Wed&Thu 21:55~

Produced by PARK Hong-gyun
Script by CHUN Sung-il
Directed by KIM Sang-hyup
Starring CHOI Kang-hee, JOO Won, ANH Nae-sang, KIM Soo-hyun,
HWANG Chan-sung, KIM Min-seo, JANG Young-nam...