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Title [May Queen] Weekend’s Top rating with 15.6%
Upate 2012-09-06 13:09

Broadcasting time : Every Sat, Sun 9:50pm on MBC

MBC’s weekend drama [May Queen] recorded the top rating of the weekend night time slot with 15.6%(Neilson, capital area). The rating for the nationwide was 14.6%.

In episode #6 which aired on September 2, Hong-chul found out how Hae-joo was born and he tried to help her meet Keum-hee. But while waiting for Hae-joo, Hong-chul is hit by the truck driven by Ki-chool. Thus Hae-joo’s miserable situation got worse leaving viewers sympathetic. And also in this episode, Hae-joo and Chang-hee showed a romantic scene where their heart is growing for each other.

The bulletin board of [May Queen] on MBC’s official web-sight is full of viewers’ compliments :
“I try not to miss a single episode of the frist run on time”
“I am totally absorbed in this drama. I expect the same for the grown up actors and actresses”
“It is so sad that we could not see the touching scenes of Hae-joo and her father any more” ...etc...

In episode #7 which airs on September 8, Dal-soon’s labor starts when Hong-chul is not with her and Hae-joo’s family is chased out from their home. Hae-joo’s entangled life is getting even more harsh. [May Queen] is recording the high rating for every episode with actors and actresses’ great acting and the viewers’ curiosity for unrevealed secret of Hae-joo’s birth.