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Title [Gloria] Actress Bae Doo-na making a splash among viewers in Gloria
Upate 2010-09-10 18:09

Actress Bae Doo-na making a splash among viewers in Gloria

Bae Doo-na, the star of the MBC TV miniseries “Gloria,” receives rave reviews from viewers.

Playing the role of Jin-jin, who is a young woman down out of luck and barely eking out a living as she juggles a string of dead-end part-time jobs, Bae Doo-na makes her character “convincing and down-to-earth” according to one viewer of the show.

After Jin-jin loses her parents at a young age when they got killed in a car accident, she supports her brain-damaged sister, Na Jin-joo (actress Oh Hyun-gyung). One day, Jin-jin gets a lucky break at a nightclub, where she works at the baggage check-in counter, when she’s asked to fill in for the lead singer and sing on stage for the customers.

In the episode that aired on August 8th, Jin-jin seeks out nightclub owner Jung Woo-hyun (actor Lee Young-ha) to tell him that she definitely wants to become a singer.

Jin-jin becomes consumed with the idea of becoming a nightclub singer and sees it as her only hope to escape her humdrum life.

However, Woo-hyun tries to talk Jin-jin out of becoming a singer because in his words, “Nightclub singers are people who can’t live a single day without singing.”

Jin-jin replies that, “I’ve spent more than half my life supporting my sister by working like a dog and it looks like I’ll keep living like that until she dies. But I think my true calling is singing. When I’m on the stage, I feel alive.” Her words impress Woo-hyun. So Woo-hyun decides to give her a big break and tells her, “From now on, your stage name is Gloria.”

Yeo Jeong-nan (actress Na Young-hee), a former singer and friend of Woo-hyun, helps Jin-jin with her dream of becoming a singer after she sees that Jin-jin has talent.

So Jeong-nan starts to offer all the help she can provide to Jin-jin so that she can reach her dreams. In this episode, Jeong-nan and Jin-jin take a poster shoot together to print out posters and flyers to promote their duet act at the nightclub.

Many viewers of the show commented on how “earnest and dedicated Jin-jin is portrayed in her pursuit of a singing career.” One viewer said, “I watched the episode just to hear Bae Doo-na sing again.”