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Title [Road No. 1] Highlights of Road No. 1!
Upate 2010-07-23 19:07

[Road No. 1] Highlights of Road No. 1!

June 30, 2010 9:29 AM

Airtime: Wed, Thu, 9:55 PM

A friendship and love that blossoms 60 years later
Five highlights of the MBC Special Feature “Road No. 1”
Romantic relationships that are as fiery as the battle!
As shown in the show teaser of “Road No. 1”, the drama interweaves the romance plot in the backdrop of the Korean War, portraying the deep emotions of the characters from different angles. The main cast members said, “Shooting the romantic scenes was as tough as the battle scenes.” Romance will be a mainstay in the storyline. After Soo-yeon (actress Kim Ha-neul) flees to the South when the war breaks out, Jang-woo (actor So Ji-seob) stays behind with his unit to fight and protect his hometown. In episode 4, he is sent to Busan where he is reunited with Soo-yeon. But Tae-ho (actor Yoon Kye-sang) is also in Busan and they run from him when he follows them in the streets. There will be an intense kissing scene and erotic scene between the two lovers. As the emotions between Jang-woo and Soo-yeon become more intense, Tae-ho’s jealousy also intensifies and his longing for Soo-yeon grows.
A story of friendship and reconciliation between So Ji-seob and Yoon Kye-sang’s characters!
Not only will romance be a key story element in “Road No. 1” but the story of the reluctant friendship between Jang-woo and Tae-ho will also play a big part in the drama. Tae-ho is overcome with rage that Jang-woo’s reappearance has swayed Soo-yeon’s heart, causing an intense jealousy. In the battlefield, he feels inferior to Jang-woo’s skills as a soldier that is drawn from his combat experience. But as the war goes on, Jang-woo and Tae-ho develop a strong bond. They begin as rivals but later become close combat companions, showing how a friendship between men is stronger than a blood relationship. The changing emotions towards each other will be shown to viewers and the camaraderie shared in Unit 2 will be heartwarming to watch.
Dabudong, urban combat, Pyongyang Battle, battlefield bombings
Realistic battle scenes!
The battle scenes shown in episode 1 and 2 of “Road No. 1” were just a glimpse of what awaits in the following episodes. The executive producer of the show says, “The battle scenes that viewers have seen so far is just a taste of what’s coming ahead. Most of the battles will focus on how the soldiers of Unit 2 navigate the battle as they form their combat strategies. There will be a lot of drama and action.” The film-like visuals and realistic battle scenes will mesmerize viewers. From the battle in the valley in episode 3 to the fierce Battle of Dabudong, many epic battles in the Korean War will transport viewers to the battlefield. The Tochika attack, March into Pyongyang, battlefield bombings and other riveting scenes will be shown in upcoming episodes.
Heartwarming scenes and touching stories among the members of Unit 2!
The characters played by actors So Ji-seob, Kim Ha-neul, and Yoon Kye-sang are supported by actors Choi Min-soo and Sohn Chang-min in the first two episodes of “Road No. 1” but in upcoming episodes, many more characters and their stories will be introduced. The sad stories of the soldiers and how they joined the war effort will expand the plots in the storyline. Soldier Jo In-jae (actor Lee Jin-seong) has a sister who is in North Korea while Park Dal-moon (actor Min Bok-ki) was called up for duty without being able to say good-bye to his wife. Then there is Kwon Jin-cheol (actor Lee Gwan-hoon) who lost many close friends and found himself caught up in the war and fighting for one side in a divided country. Their stories will touch the hearts of viewers. There will be acts of sacrifice amidst the war and strong bonds between soldiers who will give their life for one another. The human toll and suffering will sufficiently convey the tragedies wrought by the war. Besides the soldiers of Unit 2, actors Nam Bo-ra, Kim Ji-woo, Julian Kang will have supporting roles in the drama. Oh Man-seok, Kim Yeo-jin, Hwang Bora, and Lee Cheon-hee will make cameo appearances in several episodes, too.
Stylish cinematic visuals
Critics have raved about the cinematic visuals shown in the battle scenes of “Road No. 1.” Slow-motion imagery, slow shutter speeds and multiple camera angles heighten the intensity of a battle scene by capture every exploding shrapnel and water droplet with hyperrealism. Koh Gyeong-min, the visual supervisor for “Road No. 1,” says, “Using multiple camera angles helps us capture the live action with an element of realism. Thus, we were able to achieve a film look.” Furthermore, DI color correction is used in every scene along with CG treatment to create a cinematic look. CG plays a big role in “Road No. 1” to polish battle scene and create stunning background images.