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Title MBC The Kingdom of Dramas
Upate 2009-06-01 10:06

MBC, the Kingdom of Dramas

MBC, the Kingdom of Dramas! Mon-Tue / Morning / Daily Drama Times All Conquered!  <My Wife Is a Superwoman>, which brought tears and joy to Korean housewives hearts and recorded a 30% rating, recently came to its end.

Its following drama, <The Great Queen Seondeok> also started off with a high spirit, setting a 17.1% rating for its first episode. This makes MBC conquer Mon-Tue / Morning / Daily drama times, reaffirming its title as the Kingdom of Dramas.

In particular, MBCs morning drama <White Lie> recorded a rating over 20%rare for a morning show, completely securing its middle-aged female audience. This rating is 2 to 3 times larger than those of its rival broadcasters. Moreover, the popularity of <White Lie> led to the unusual phenomenon that a morning drama has the highest rating amongst all programs on Wed/Thu/Fridays by the three terrestrial broadcasters.

In <White Lie>, as the conflict involving Eun-young and her son inches closer to its climax, the struggle between Shin (the Chairwoman) and Kang (the president) to take control of the corporation grows fiercer as well.

The daily drama <Dont Cry, My Love> also recorded a rating over 20%, ending in the first place amongst the daily dramas. It is to be followed by <Whats For Dinner?>, which is already arousing curiosity among viewers with its unique title and fun topic.

Furthermore, staring from June 10th, the sensitive and fantastic story of <Triple>, directed by Lee Yun-jung PD of <Coffee Prince>, is going to be broadcast on Wed-Thursdays. Hence, MBC is soon expected to achieve its grand slam, conquering all of Mon-Tue / Wed-Thu / Morning / Daily drama times.