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“Cinderella Man,” Kwon Sang-woo impress others with his enthusiasm - acting against strong winds on top of the cliff.

- Excellent fashion sense, perfectly fits into the role of the ‘3rd generation Chaebol’ with his glasses on
- Visiting Udo Island for the first time, Kwon Sang-woo pushes ahead with scenes on top of the cliff for better images on the screen

Kwon Sang-woo, playing a double role in MBC’s new mini series “Cinderella Man” visited Jeju Island, where spring arrives earlier than the rest of the country.

”Cinderella Man” filmed in different places of Jeju Island for four days including the scene where Jun-hee (Kwon Sang-woo) searches Udo Island to find traces of his birth mother.


The crew could successfully finish filming in Jeju Island with active support and cooperation from the residents.

On the last day, Kwon Sang-woo perfectly acted Jun-hee delivering his firm resolution to the butler (Ahn Seok-hwan) on top of the Udo cliff against strong winds. When the strong wind carried away Jun-hee’s lines, the filming crew voluntarily blocked the wind with their body to be of help to Kwon’s energetic performance.


After all the schedules were over in Jeju Island, Kwon said “I have visited Jeju several times before for different dramas, movies and commercials, but Udo was my first time. Udo is surrounded by the sea and its fresh air makes me feel good.”


“The wind was so strong that I could barely stand on the cliff, but I am glad that the scene came out well. The scene on the cliff, where Jun-hee makes a firm resolution at a place his mother’s ashes were scattered, is a very important scene and I am looking forward to watching in on TV,” he added.


In the meantime, Japanese tourists cheered Kwon up while watching his enthusiastic acting on the scene. The Japanese tourists who ran into the crew in front of a hotel couldn’t be happier to meet Kwon Sang-woo in person and handed over snacks and presents. Proving Kwon Sang-woo’s popularity in Japan, the tourists said that they are already aware of Kwon’s new drama “Cinderella Man” and have high expectations.

Cinderella Man“ features stories of love and success happening around Dongdaemun market, one of the Korean traditional markets which has now become a fashion street for young people, starred by Kwon Sang-woo, Yoon Ah, Song Chang-ui and Han Eun-jung.

The first episode of “Cinderella Man” is scheduled to be aired on Wednesday, April 15, the following week of Moon River’s last episode.


Executive Producer: Oh Kyung-hoon
Producer: Kim Kwang-soo, Kim Kwang-il, Lee Jae-hyuck

Writer: Cho Yoon-young
Director: Yoo Jung-joon
Actor/Actress: Kwon Sang-woo, Yoon Ah, Song Chang-ui, Han Eun-jung, Jung Hye-sun, Ahn Seok-hwan, Jung Kyu-soo, Lee Kyung-jin and others

PR: Kim So-jung