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Viewership ratings for “Don’t Cry My Love” soar to 18.2%, the highest in its primetime slot!

February 18, 2009 10:42 am


Setting high viewership ratings, the daily TV miniseries “Don’t Cry My Love” (writer Park Jung-ran, co-directors Kim Sa-hyun and Lee Dong-yoon) is powering MBC back to its dominant position in the primetime daily show arena.


MBC’s daily TV miniseries “Don’t Cry My Love” recorded a viewership rating exceeding 18%, gaining more viewers and posting its highest viewership rating so far. It easily became the top draw among all shows on competing networks in the same primetime slot.


According to TNS Media, a viewership rating agency, ratings for “Don’t Cry My Love” shot to 18.2% (Seoul metropolitan area) on February 17th (Tue), surpassing its previous high viewership rating of 17.3% by an increase of 0.9%. The show is steaming ahead in the ratings. The TNS ratings for the metropolitan area is a barometer of viewership ratings. Meanwhile, the national viewership ratings for “Don’t Cry My Love” reached 16.5%, which is the highest ratings since November 17th.


”Don’t Cry My Love” edged out the KBS daily TV miniseries’ “Coming Home” (16.6%) that airs in the same primetime slot by 1.6%.


Attracting an overwhelming percentage of female viewers in their twenties and thirties, “Don’t Cry My Love” has steadily raised its viewership ratings to become the number one show in its primetime slot.


On the show that aired on February 17th (Tue), Mi-soo is invited over to Young-min’s home for dinner and everyone except Young-min’s aunt approves of Mi-soo as the right wife for Young-min.


In online comments about the show, one viewer wrote, “It felt so good to see Mi-soo and Young-min happy to be together.” Another viewer said “The characters overcome their difficulties in the past that they had no control over and try to make the best out of what they have in the present. It’s an inspiring and uplifting story.” An overwhelming number of comments were positive with glowing praise for the show.


In the following episode that aired on February 18th (Wed), Mi-soo inexplicably joins the table where Hyun-woo is with his blind date, creating an awkward situation. Young-min gives Mi-soo a matching band to reaffirm their love and tells her that he’d like her to be patient as he tries to win his family’s and her family’s approval of their marriage. After this, he kisses Mi-soo in a romantic embrace.