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Title "Que Sera Sera", a new MBC TV series
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
The Que Sera Sera press conference was held at Shinsegae Department Store and the new show will be the follow-up TV series to Behind the White Tower. Along with director Kim Yoon-chul of My Lovely Sam-soon, actor Eric and the other main cast members of Que Sera Sera appeared at the press conference.

Kim Yoon-chul directed the hit TV show, My Lovely Sam-soon, and followed that up with an award-winning TV special called The Swamp, that won the Gold Nymph award at the Monte Carlo TV Festival. He is now directing Que Sera Sera. In Que Sera Sera, Kang Tae-joo (actor Eric) works at an event organizer company and takes love lightly but one day he meets an aspiring fashion designer named Han Eun-soo (actress Jung Yu Mi) and finds true love. The show also follows the story of Shin Joon-hyuk (actor Lee Gyu-han) who falls in love with Cha Hye-rin (actress Yoon Ji-hye), the daughter of his foster parents, who also own a large department store chain. All of the elements that a good melodrama should have are in this show.
We questioned Director Kim if Que Sera Sera was veering away from reality too much and he replied that “TV dramas should always have melodramatic elements in them. Personally, I don't think that there are any new ideas being brought out in the TV drama category. I am hoping that our great cast of actors will be able to express something new with the show's traditional plots that viewers know so well."

In the pilot show, actress Kang Jeong-hwa makes a cameo appearance and locks lips with Eric in the opening scene. Centered around the fictional lives of rich kids, one rich kid gives a girl a sports car as a giveaway gift after a break-up. The sons and daughters of wealthy families live it up as they fly light planes for fun.
Kim Yoon-chul packs in lots of kissing scenes in his melodramas at a rate of more than one kissing scene per episode. He tries to depict such scenes as spontaneous as possible and urges his actors to ad-lib their scripts. Eric said, "Out of all the TV series I acted in before, this one had the most kissing scenes among them all. In episode 10, I have 4 kissing scenes. I will do my best even though I have scenes where I kiss my co-star during unexpected moments.”
Behind the scenes, movie actress Jung Yu-mi, who is appearing in her first TV series, found it difficult to adjust the downtimes between shooting short scenes. But she did like the fact that she didn't have to rehearse her lines for hours to get them perfect because she could practice whenever the TV camera and lighting crew had to take frequent breaks to move the equipment around the studio. Director Kim likes to pick up the pace in his shoots and he has already shot six complete episodes for the show. Que Sera Sera will be a melodrama that will return to the basics. The show will premiere on March 17, 2007