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Title Choi Jin-sil and Seong Hyeon-ah to Engage in an Actress`s Duel on Small Screen
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
The production crew and cast of Bad Woman, Good Woman, a new daily drama set to be aired in early January, has completed filming and has just returned from Saipan. The cast of main characters including Choi Jin-sil, Lee Jae-ryong, Jeon No-min and Seong hyeon-ah, who left for Saipan in late November of last year, have finished their shooting and came back to Seoul.
Choi Jin-sil who made a successful comeback to television last year in the drama, My Rosy Life, plays a woman who agonizes when she finds out about her husband's 6-year-long affair and through the story, the drama searches for the true meaning of family and love. In the drama, Geong-wu (Played by Lee Jae-ryong) and Seo-gyeong (Played by Seong Hyeon-ah) go abroad with their families to attend an international academic seminar and enjoy secret meetings together.
Unaware of the liaison, Geong-wu's wife Se-yeong (Played by Choi Jin-sil) and Seo-gyeong's husband Tae-hyeon (Played Jeon No-min) are happy to have come abroad with their spouses and anticipating a second honeymoon. A follow-up drama to So In Love, its 120 episodes are set to be aired in the next 6 months.