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Title MBC Weekend Special "The Darling Sisters", The First Episode Will Air On July 29 (Sat)
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
Cast: Yoo Ho-jung, Jung Woong-in, Im Ji-eun, Lee Ki-woo, Sa Kang, Oh Joo-eun

The happiness women dream of... This drama focuses on the brilliant and witty fantasies of females. With characters that women can easily relate to, the writer attempts to create a story that very accurately reflects reality. "The best success in life is being happy" is the motto of the four female characters in this drama. Through the lives of these four women, "The Darling Sisters" attempts to show the path of life that is sometimes bumpy and sometimes smooth. Ultimately, the drama sends the message that behind every misery, there lies a path to happiness, providing a sense of optimism for viewers.

A woman who was cheated on by her husband, leading to their divorce... She now plans revenge to get back at him. The role of Song Mi-joo is played by Yoo Ho-jung who has also appeared in "Lady Next Door". She stole another woman's man but brazenly claims to be a victim in the ordeal. The role of Kim Eun-young is played by Im Ji-eun who has also starred in "Golden Carriage". "Divorce will never be a part of my life!" No matter how much life stings, she attempts to look as happy as she can. The role of Ko Sang-mi is played by Sa Kang who has appeared in shows such as, "Soul Mate" "Escape from Unemployment" and "Proposal". Conditions are more important than love in marriage! She meets a variety of men while dating. The bride-to-be role of Yang Da-rim is played by Oh Joo-eun who was previously cast in shows such as "My Sweetheart, My Darling" and "Lovers In Paris". The role of Jung-suk, who is Eun-young's current husband and Mi-joo's former husband, is played by Jung Woong-in. The rookie pro baseball player role is performed by Lee Ki-woo who formerly starred in "A Love To Kill", while Sang-mi's cold-hearted husband role of Ji-hwan is played by Jang Dong-jik. Finally, the role of Da-rim's blind date, Baek Uk-yeon is featured by Jung Joon-ha. The honest, heart-moving game of four women in the pursuit of happiness is just beginning!