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Title New Wednesday & Thursday Mini-Series "Over the Rainbow"
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
Cast: Ji Hyeon-wu, Seo Ji-hae, Kim Ok-bin, Hwan Hee

Desires and breathless race of the young on the stage! What is it that they truly want?
The truth of love and fantasy revealed within! What is love in its real sense of the word?

Hyeok-ju ... Living for style, dying for pride. He falls under the spell of the stage
Sang-mi... Adoring a star. She meets him and takes a step closer to her dream
Hee-su... Filled with passion for music. She spreads her wings towards her dream
Lex... A great singer with the sense of perfect pitch. He meets a girl with spunk

MBC's Wednesday & Thursday Mini-Series presents the new series "Over the Rainbow" with its first episode set to broadcast on July 26 (Wednesday). The series will center around the love and passion of the youth with dreams of unfolding their talents on stage. It is co-written by Hong Jin-a and Hong Ja-ram, the team that presented an interesting story in "Best-Seller Theater" with the episode titled "Taereung Athletic Village" about the love and success of young sportsmen. Han Hee, the director for "Imagining Reasons for Changing Lovers" and "Blinded by Love" will take the reins for the series.

With young talents such as Ji-hyeon-wu, Seo Ji-hae, Kim Ok-bin and Hwan Hee appearing all at the same time, "Over the Rainbow" has already attracted great deal of interest even before its airing. Shooting started in May, and they have finished their location shooting in New Zealand in June, and are presently filming in Korea. With beautiful natural sceneries such as Mount Cook in New Zealand harmonizing with songs and dances of the cast, the director plans to present a full-fledged music drama.

Ji Hyeon-wu, who attracted attention with his role of Producer Ji, the cool and perfect guy in "Old Maid's Diary", will become 'Kwon Hyeok-ju' demonstrating his talents in singing as well as dancing. Seo Ji-hae, the recipient of last year's MBC Best New Actress Award for her role of Princess No-guk in "Shin Don", will take on the role of tough woman 'Ma Sang-mi' who becomes a stylist after dreaming of becoming a star. Hwan Hee, a member of the singing group Fly to the Sky becomes an actor to play the role of the pop singer 'Lex', and Kim Ok-bin, recognized for her acting talents as well as her beauty in "Hanoi Bride" and "Hello God" will play 'Jeong Hee-su'. The cast plans to do all the singing presented in this mini-series.